The Wheel of Time‘s first season wrapped in December 2021. Fans have been waiting to return to Prime Video’s adaptation of Robert Jordan’s epic fantasy series, and it’s time. Okay, it is almost time. The Wheel of Time season two will premiere on September 1. What’s a few months? To help us pass the time, we have a batch of first-look images to overthink. They show a lot of Seanchan, Rand, Moiraine, and all our friends.

Season one of The Wheel of Time ended with Rand al’Thor learning he was the Dragon Reborn. Our friends from the Two Rivers took different paths. Moiraine, Rand’s Aes Sedai mentor or maybe his minder, lost her connection with the One Power. Then in the season’s last moments, we saw the arrival of the Seanchan, a people who want to retake the continent from whence their ancestors came. In other words, the show has a lot of threads to weave back into the Pattern.

Season two will continue Prime Video’s adaptation of the sprawling story. The on-screen version of The Wheel of Time has taken its own twists and turns, and season two won’t be different. The eight episodes will cover material from The Great Hunt and The Dragon Reborn, books two and three in Jordan’s series. In the books, we follow the Hunt for the Horn of Valere (Padan Fain stole the legendary object near the end of the season one finale) and see an eventual clash with the Seanchan.

Without digging too much into book spoilers, The Wheel of Time season two photos certainly point towards Falme. We see Loial and the mysterious figure from the Eye of the World with some Seanchan, a noble and soldiers (look at the noble’s lacquered nails!). Perrin and Aviendha (a new character for season two) appear to be in Falme as well. And that photo of Rand? The banners behind him look like those of Mayene; maybe we get to Tear by the end of the season? Let the countdown to meeting Berelain begin.

The images also show Egwene and Nynaeve in white—likely the novice white of the White Tower, where they will learn to become Aes Sedai.

Prime Video says of season two:

In Season Two, threats new and very old seek out the young friends from the Two Rivers, now scattered over the world. The woman who found and guided them is now powerless to help, and so they must find other sources of strength. In each other, or themselves. In the Light … or the Dark.

We can’t wait for The Wheel of Time to return in September. I never thought I’d be so excited to see the Seanchan.