Back in 2021 we learned Meera Syal was joining The Wheel of Time cast as a series regular. However, we didn’t know who she was playing—until now. Today, Nerdist can exclusively reveal Meera Syal (The Sandman, Doctor Strange) is Verin Mathwin, Aes Sedai of the Brown Ajah and an absolute badass. Fans have speculated about this casting, and we could not be more excited to see Syal as Verin.

Remember though, as with any character who is part of a popular book series that has been on shelves for a while, do not Google Verin. Spoilers are out there. And trust me, you do not want spoilers about Verin Mathwin. However, we’d love to share some spoiler-free background about Verin with you.

A side by side image of The Wheel of Time poster and Meera Syal
Prime Video/Simon Annand

Introduced in The Great Hunt, the second book in Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time series, Verin Mathwin is an Aes Sedai. As a member of the Brown Ajah, she devotes herself to knowledge. The Browns put research and the quest of knowledge above all else, believing that knowledge is power. Learning as much as possible about the past means being as prepared as possible for what’s to come. Verin has been part of the White Tower for decades. She has the same tendencies of most Browns—Verin focuses on her studies and not so much the world around her. But with Verin, some believe the distracted air is an act.

Relevant to the story of Rand al’Thor, a.k.a. the Dragon Reborn, Verin takes an interest in the ta’veren of Two Rivers. She tries to be around one of them at all times. In the books, we see Verin and her Warder, Tomas, travel with Mat and Perrin after the events at the Eye of the World. That scene played out at the end of The Wheel of Time season one. However, we know the Prime Video series is following some different paths to tell the story we love on the screen.

Still, the stage seems primed for Verin to arrive soon. Maybe she’ll spend time with Perrin or Rand (especially since Moiraine has lost her connection to the One Power).

We don’t have a premiere date for The Wheel of Time season two yet, but we look forward to seeing Syal as our favorite member of the Brown Ajah.