The Wheel of Time introduced the Horn of Valere at the end of season one. Padan Fain snuck into Fal Dara and stole the Horn, courtesy of a Shienaran Darkfriend leaving a gate open for him. Perrin then traveled with the Shienarans to pursue Fain and the horn in season two. Unfortunately, working under the Forsaken Ishamael’s instructions, Fain took the Horn to the Seanchan. High Lord Turak did not expect such a powerful gift. He said, “With this… the whole world will be ours.” Here’s what you need to know about The Wheel of Time‘s Horn of Valere and why it’s so important with context from the books, but no plot spoilers beyond the TV series.

What Is the Horn of Valere in The Wheel of Time?

An open box showing the Horn of Valere
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The Horn of Valere is a mysterious artifact in The Wheel of Time books, at least as far as its origins are concerned. It’s not clear who made it or why. The item, stored in an intricate box, looks like a curled, golden horn. We saw a peek of the Horn when Turak opened the box. The metal looks hammered, but it doesn’t appear out of the ordinary. In the books, a silver script winds around the mouth of the bell in Old Tongue. It reads “Tia mi aven Moridin isainde vadin,” or “The grave is no bar to my call.”

What Is the Hunt for the Horn of Valere?

The Horn of Valere hasn’t been seen since the Age of Legends and has since gained a legendary, mythical status. In the books, a guardian kept the Horn safe at the Eye of the World and Rand and company recovered it and moved it to a storeroom in Fal Dara. In The Wheel of Time TV series, the Horn was in Fal Dara with the Shienarans as guardians. Padan Fain stole the Horn in both cases.

But most of the world did not know the location of the Horn. In season two of The Wheel of Time, Selene (before she revealed herself as Lanfear) mentioned the Hunt for the Horn had been called. The second book of the series is called The Great Hunt. Illian occasionally calls for Great Hunts for the Horn and people from around the world gather then search for the object. No such hunt was ever successful.

What Does the Horn of Valere Do and Why Is It So Important?

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So why does everyone want the Horn of Valere beyond discovering an artifact from another age? Though no one knows why or how, when someone sounds the Horn, it summons the world’s greatest heroes to battle. These Heroes of the Horn are the Pattern’s most mighty and honorable, bound to the Horn of the Valere. They are dead, hence why the grave is no bar to its call. Some believe the heroes will serve whichever side the person who blows the Horn falls on. The Horn of Valere is meant to be present at the Last Battle. Any army with the Heroes of the Horn at their side has an advantage. High Lord Turak says the Seanchan can use it to conquer the world, but that wouldn’t serve anyone but the Seanchan.

Mat Cauthon gets his hands on the Horn of Valere, though, and in the Battle of Falme, he sounds it and summons the Heroes of the Horn. It turns out he is one of them. In the TV series, around two dozen heroes appear, some legendary people in The Wheel of Time world. In the book, over a hundred heroes appear in Falme. In both cases, the heroes defeat the Seanchan.

After seeing the heroes in action in Falme, you can tell why it’s crucial to have the Horn of Valere at the Last Battle.

Originally published on October 3, 2023.