These dark times need a tale with adventure, love, and hope. Luckily for us, Disney+ will bring us exactly that on May 1, as the streaming service is adding The Princess Bride. It’s not inconceivable! Like Fezzik, they did something right, and hopefully they don’t let it go to their head. Disney also scored points by getting Robin Wright (Buttercup) and Cary Elwes (Westley) together to reveal the news. Watching the duo chat via video will brighten your day, clear your skin, etc.

I love them. Seeing Buttercup and Westley side by side, even if it’s only digitally, kinda makes my day.

The Princess Bride has gathered a huge fan following since its release in 1987. Based on William Goldman’s novel of the same name, the film follows a farmhand who falls in love with a girl. Rob Reiner directed the all star cast, which included the aforementioned Elwes and Wright as well as Mandy Patinkin, Christopher Guest, André the Giant, Tracey Ullman, and so many more. It’s witty, silly, and an utter joy of a film to watch. I turn to The Princess Bride whenever I need comfort, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who needs comfort right now.

20th Century Studios

Rumors about a Princess Bride remake swirled in September of last year. The internet reacted with a hard pass to the idea, and I agree. This is the kind of timeless movie I don’t want to see anyone try to recreate.

If you’ve been longing to rewatch The Princess Bride or view it for the first time, Disney+ is basically saying, “As you wish.” Clear your calendar on May 1 so you can settle in for the fantasy comedy your soul needs.

Featured Image: 20th Century Studios

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