International Women’s Day is a global celebration of women (and girls) and their many contributions to all facets of society. We are writers, trendsetters, magicians, dancers, chefs, and so, so much more. And, there’s perhaps no show that better encompasses the power and potential of feminine energy than The Power. The upcoming Prime Video series follows several girls and women in a world where teenage girls develop mysterious electrical power. It leads to a dynamic global shift that will disrupt the systems that are in place. To celebrate International Women’s Day, The Power presents “The Women of the Power,” an exclusive featurette diving into the show’s characters, along with an essay writing scholarship to aid real-life students. 

First, let’s get into the clip. Of course, we get to see several powerful scenes from the series in The Power’s featurette. We love the scene of Allie declaring that she nor her band of girls have to listen to authority. We also get Roxy telling a man to smile because why not! And there are lots of looks at young women around the world relishing in their newfound abilities. This is exceptionally powerful considering what we know about The Power characters, many of whom have dealt with trauma, fear, anxiety, and other ills. The Power International Women’s Day featurette also features the book’s author and show’s executive producer Naomi Alderman. She says she wants to give fans a series with women and girls showing up strong and powerful in novel ways. Truly, this seems to be the type of show that we need more of. 

Tatiana sits in a champagne colored chair with a pink background holding a small dog in a scene from The Power featurette
Ludovic Robert/Prime Video

Now, let’s get into that scholarship program! Here’s what we know about The Power essay contest: 

Prime Video announced an essay-writing scholarship program inspired by the upcoming series The Power. The program implores students within the Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD) and the Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at CUNY to reflect on what power means to them and how they use their power to fuel their creative expression.

The scholarship was developed in collaboration with the LACCD and CUNY’s Newmark J-School in order to champion students studying in the television, film and, journalism fields who are committed to challenging the status quo through their creative expression. Both LACCD and CUNY’s Newmark J-School are powerful engines of social mobility and civic engagement in their respective cities. Each organization will select the top two essay submissions to be shared with Naomi Alderman, the author of The Power, who will recommend one recipient from each institution to attend The Power’s red carpet premiere in New York City on Thursday, March 23.

What an excellent way to put women and girls first! The Power will hit Prime Video on March 31.