A second teaser trailer for Max’s The Penguin has released, and it promises a brand new chapter in the world of Matt Reeves’ The Batman. Carmine Falcone’s dead. And Oz Cobb (a.k.a. The Penguin) is ready to call the shots. But we’re sure it won’t be quite that easy. You can check out all the devious dealings to come in the trailer for The Penguin below.

Family is at the center of this explosive tale. Who can you trust? Who should you trust? Is there any trust to be found at all? We couldn’t say for sure, but there are definitely guns and explosives enough to go around. Gotham City is a hard enough place to navigate without a huge power vacuum drawing all the worst sorts of criminals out to vie for control. This latest trailer for The Penguin certainly has our attention, though. Colin Farrell is playing the charismatic Penguin to perfection. We can’t help but we drawn into his schemes ourselves.

colin farrell in Max The Penguin series from Matt reeves The Batman universe

Of course, we can’t count out  Cristin Milioti’s Sofia Falcone. She seems like a woman who is ready to take a little power for herself. How will Sofia Falcone and The Penguin’s relationship end up going? Well, we can’t wait to find out.

There’s no official synopsis for The Penguin to go with its trailer. Instead, Max notes, “Starring Colin Farrell as Oz Cobb (aka “The Penguin”), the eight-episode DC Studios limited series continues filmmaker Matt Reeves’ The Batman epic crime saga that began with Warner Bros. Pictures’ global blockbuster “The Batman.” Developed by showrunner Lauren LeFranc, the series centers on the character played by Farrell in the film.”

When Will The Penguin Release on Max?


The Penguin currently has a September release date window, though we are still waiting on the specific date of its release. But no doubt, we’ll get more sneak peeks soon to keep our interest high. If what we see above is technically only a “teaser trailer” for The Penguin, we bet the official trailer will surely come out with a bang.

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