Detective Pikachu is back with exploding balloons, mysterious laboratories, and a not-so-unexpected Legendary Pokémon. Everyone’s favorite sarcastic, electric gumshoe has returned with a brand new trailer, and boy has Ryan Reynolds’ method acting paid off! After releasing a new poster (which contains a boatload of secrets), Warner Bros. and Legendary have unveiled the newest Detective Pikachu trailer, which give us our best insight yet into the film’s central mystery: what happened to Detective Pikachu’s partner/Tim Goodman’s missing father? Take a bracing gulp of coffee because this new trailer for Detective Pikachu is so jam-packed with new Pokémon, unexpected reveals, and the confirmation of a fan-favorite character that if you blink, you might miss something incredibly important.

By my count, there are nearly three dozen different kinds of Pokémon in this trailer, including the most intimidating one of them all: Mewtwo. Ever since fans spotted bright purple “M2” graffiti in the film’s first poster, speculation has run rampant that we would see this Legendary Psychic-type on the big screen. These suspicions were confirmed earlier today as part of the new poster reveal, but seeing Mewtwo burst forth from an exploding Pikachu balloon was not something I was prepared to see.

[mpx_video type=”editorial” guid=”_L3W39yDEmR286bSJrZgO9htWrFxWrrk”]

Based on what we saw in the trailer, my best guess is that Harry Goodman, Tim’s father, went missing while investigating the mysterious lab that we saw in the trailer. Harry’s car was struck by a burst of purple-ish energy, which suggests that he was attacked by a Pokémon. And which Pokémon utilizes purple beam attacks? That’s right: Mewtwo. While we saw an Eevee evolving into a Flareon in the lab, we also saw a containment unit that had been blown to smithereens, presumably because it could no longer contain Mewtwo’s fearsome energy.

And what about that snarling Apom and that fearsome Charizard? Did you notice that they both have purple eyes? Maybe Mewtwo is using its psychic powers to control them or they have been imbued with some of Mewtwo’s essence somehow. Only time will tell, but something tells me that lab was up to no good and Mewtwo is exacting some righteous anger on those who harmed him.

Detective Pikachu hits theaters on May 10, 2019. Stay tuned for an in-depth breakdown of every Pokémon we saw in the trailer, as well as some deep dives into all the easter eggs, secrets, and details you might have missed on Nerdist News.

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