Four seasons later, The Boys is still one of the wildest shows to ever hit TV. This season is already full of totally diabolical moments, plot twists, and so much blood. Homelander has a new advisor, Sister Sage, who is amping up the violence in an ongoing war. Victoria Neuman aims to pop Robert Singer’s head and become the President of the United States. And the Boys are causing trouble every time they step on the scene. We have no idea where things will go. But one thing is for sure. The Boys season four is packed with shocking, gross, and plain weird moments. 

Here are all the things that made us gasp, groan, cringe, and laugh out loud. 

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The Boys Season Four, Episode One’s Most Shocking, Gross, and Wild Moments – “Department of Dirty Tricks” 

Victoria Neuman’s Daughter Zoe Rips Kimiko’s Arm Off 

It doesn’t take long for The Boys to get back into its supe shenanigans and wild, shocking moments. The team is at election night and trying to quietly assassinate Victoria Neuman. Of course, things go wrong when Victoria’s daughter Zoe catches Frenchie, Kimiko, and a few CIA agents in their hotel room. Zoe, who got a dose of Compound V last season, finally displays her powers and they are gruesome. Tentacles shoot out of her mouth, crushing and ripping apart her adversaries with ease. She tears through a couple of agents before going one-on-one with Kimiko, ripping her arm off in the process. Thankfully, Kimiko’s powers include her ability to heal from pretty much anything…

Kimiko’s Face-Off Moment

…including her jump out of a window. Starlight flies up to catch Frenchie but Kimiko slams into the pavement in front of MM. She sits up shortly afterwards but her entire face is peeled off. Kimiko puts it back in place and heals pretty quickly. 

Kimiko and Frenchie enter a room wearing suits in the boys for a gross, shocking moment
Jasper Savage/Prime Video

A Shot to the Head and Victoria Is Not Dead 

It seems head-popping isn’t the only power that Victoria has. She survives Hughie’s acid attack and Butcher shooting her point blank in the head with humorous ease. Victoria tells them that they are getting worse at her job before casually strolling off.

Homelander Is Plucking His Pubic Hairs 

Homelander continues to be an enigma to us all. He’s plucking grey pubic hairs and storing them in a container. It is obvious that he’s not happy about his body aging but why the hell is he saving them? 

The Deep Is Willing to Go Down on A-Train 

Everyone is so afraid of Homelander that it is destroying Vought. Ashley and company agree with his every thought, which is beginning to frustrate him. Homelander expresses his annoyance with this after asking the Deep to give A-Train a blowjob, which he nearly does out of fear. The problem is, Homelander likes to punish and/or kill people who oppose him. So what is everyone supposed to do?!

Firecracker’s Endless Lies

This one will probably apply for every episode. But Firecracker is an unhinged truther who accuses Starlight’s organization for at-risk teens of having some “LGBTQ dungeon,” child trafficking, and more. 

Frenchie’s Hot New Romance

Frenchie and Kimiko do not seem destined for a relationship despite being very close. He’s in a romance with Colin, a guy who works at Starlight House. They have apparently been meeting up in the bathroom for hookup sessions. Kimiko knows what’s going on and she’s cool with it. 

The Seven Beat Three Homelander Fans to Death, Including Todd

Sage’s first idea to cause discord and turn people against Starlight is a brutal one. She invites three of Homelander’s biggest fans, including Todd, to meet him. Things quickly go violent when the true reason behind this meeting is revealed. Homelander tells the Deep, A-Train, and Black Noir to beat them all to death with bats. They hesitate but the Deep and Black Noir do it. A-Train eventually places the bodies at a protest outside of Homelander’s verdict reading at the courthouse to frame a couple of Starlighters. This is very, very nasty work. 

Jasper Savage/Prime Video

Black Noir Speaks?!

Hold on…this character has always been silent but deadly. Whoever is under that mask speaks and it is jarring. 

Sister Sage Starts a Brutal Fight 

Sage appears in the crowd dressed as a Starlight supporter. After he’s found not guilty, she throws something at a Homelander fan and yells at him, starting a massive fight between the opposing sides. It gets brutal with Colin and another Starlight House worker suffering injuries. The bodies are placed and discovered, making it seem like these deaths happened because of Homelander’s verdict.

Butcher’s Butthole Attachment

Butcher considers sending Victoria Neuman the Red River files that she desperately wants from Hughie. But, after Becca’s spirit appears to him, he has a change of heart. Instead, he sends over an attachment of a hairy butthole. Is it his butthole? We will never know and don’t really want to know.

The Return of Hughie’s Mom 

Hughie’s mom, who inexplicably left when he was very young, returns in the wake of his father’s coma. We don’t know why she’s there or what she’s been up to but it is a shocking twist for him, indeed. 

The Boys Season Four, Episode Two’s Most Shocking, Gross, and Wild Moments – “Life Among the Septics” 

Butcher Reveals His Diagnosis 

The Boys are all shocked that Butcher is going to die in a matter of months. He’s been sick for six months and, according to Homelander’s senses, he probably only has another six months left to live. It angers MM, who kicks him out of the Boys for being deceptive. 

Ryan Is “Homeboy”

This is more funny than anything else. The entire pitch for Ryan’s supe story is hilariously stupid and Sage is the only person that admits it blows. Using the word “homeboy” for a white kid is so unserious. 

Sister Sage’s Takedown of Ashley

Ashley thinks she can verbally bully Sage like she does with others. But Sage puts her in her place, saying that she’s so afraid of Homelander that she’s bald and the only way Ashely will be useful is if she starts lactating so he can suck on her breasts. Good Lord. She then immediately tells the Deep to stop taking crap from someone who is genetically inferior like Ashley. Honestly, I love it.

Jasper Savage/Prime Video

The Deep’s Takedown of Ashley (With a Toilet Threat) 

Ashley tries to get smart with the Deep during a rehearsal and he tells her that he will drown her in a used toilet if she talks to him like that again. She’s shocked and clearly afraid while he feels empowered for the first time in a while. 

Kimiko’s Drunk Escapades

After tracking Sister Sage to a hotel with a weird truther convention going on, Kimiko is upset when she sees a post that’s triggering to her. She finds beer and drinks eight of them and her behavior gets super funny, including her stealing Frenchie’s phone and sending a sext to Colin. 

Splinter Eats His Own A** (Again and Again) 

Frenchie and Kimiko always end up in some BS. MM tells them to follow Splinter, a supe who can splinter himself into duplicate versions, as he wanders off from Firecracker’s ongoing alt-supe rant. They find him in a spa room with several versions with their mouths deep in buttcrack while the main one is, um, pleasuring himself to her photo. Good lord. 

MM Beats the S**t Out of Butcher

This moment has been brewing for a while. MM’s frustration over Butcher’s behavior and general lack of care for anyone else in the Boys comes to a head at the aforementioned convention. He punches Butcher a few good times before telling him to stay away for good. Sure, Butcher doesn’t listen but it’s a wild and rather sad moment to see two former friends have such animosity between them. 

A-Train Is Trying to Be Good?!

A-Train seems to be turning over a new leaf this season after his previous actions led to his brother being in a wheelchair. He noticeably didn’t beat anyone’s brains in when requested and, after his brother calls him out for being a fraud, he decides to do the right thing. A-Train shows up at the Boys headquarters and drops off a video that will clear the two wrongly accused Starlighters. Annie still hates him for obvious reasons but Hughie appreciates his actions. 

Jasper Savage/Prime Video

Ryan (Accidentally) Splatters a Man Onto a Building

The staged rescue scene that Vought planned for Ryan goes awry. Ryan is still very young and not fully aware of his true strength. He’s supposed to lightly fling the (fake) robber but instead he launches him into the side of a building. Yikes. 

Splinter, Firecracker, and the Boys Crash a Bat Mitzvah and Oh S**t There Are Penises

Obviously, Sage set the Boys up by luring them into a room. She tells Firecracker and Splinter to kill them so they can get to the next level with Homelander. The fight spills into another innocent party room, where naked Splinters run everyone away. Firecracker manages to toss in a few racist comments, bullets litter the floor, and Butcher comes in for a brave moment to help his comrades. It’s an all-around rad scene.

Frenchie Killed Colin’s Family

Frenchie reveals that Colin was a judge’s son and that, in his previous line of work, he murdered his whole family. It’s obviously tearing him up inside and won’t end well when Colin finds out. 

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The Boys Season Four, Episode Three’s Most Shocking, Gross, and Wild Moments – “We’ll Keep the Red Flag Flying Here” 

Ashley Becomes the Vought Mascot and Homelander Lasers a Head

Damn. Sage swoops in for her next power play and becomes the CEO of Vought, leaving Ashley as its “Ronald McDonald.” She’s on the verge of resigning and leaving for Disney until she sees Homelander laser a woman’s head in the middle of trying to tell the truth. Oh, and she’s still literally crushing her boy toy’s balls. 

Frenchie’s Drug Trip and Ducks 

Frenchie goes with Kimiko to dig into her past a bit more but he’s not very helpful. He’s higher than the moon and seeing rubber ducks as well as hallucinating people he’s killed. Great job, buddy. 

Starlight Was a Mean Pageant Girl Who Ruined Firecracker’s Career 

We finally know why Firecracker hates Starlight so much. She reminds Annie that they were on the same circuit until she told everyone that Firecracker had an “a**f**ck gangbang” with the judges. Annie called her white trash and said it was the only way she was in the competitions. Firecracker believes that Annie hasn’t changed deep down and will do what she can to destroy her. 

Jasper Savage/Prime Video

The Ice Capades Jesus Show Massacre

Vought is putting on a holiday show that’s all about putting the Christ back in Christmas. (Sigh.) While the skaters are running through their performance, Hughie and MM are spying on Homelander, Victoria, and Sage, who are cooking up some nefarious deals. Sweaty Hughie captures the attention of Homelander, who lasers a skater while trying to get Hughie. Things go full panic as skaters accidentally cut each other to shreds with their blades. Yikes. We guess this show will not proceed as planned. 

The Deep and Sister Sage Hook Up 

What an odd couple. Sister Sage is eating a blooming onion when the Deep comes in to chat with her. They weirdly have a few interests in common and, the next thing you know, she’s rubbing a fried onion across his lips.

The Boys Season Four, Episode Four’s Most Shocking, Gross, and Wild Moments – ”Wisdom of the Ages” 

Homelander’s Homecoming Revenge

There’s so much to say about this that we wrote up a separate piece about Homelander’s bloody homecoming. But of course it is on this list because his visit is gross, shocking, bloody, and gets very weird at times. From making Marty masturbate in front of everyone to barbequing a human to lots of bloody body parts, Homelander gave us perhaps his most awful moment yet.

Kimiko and Hughie’s Big Bloody Battle

Kimiko is not happy with Hughie. She goes with him to be his muscle for a situation, only to realize they are meeting A-Train. Hughie wants Compound V to save his father, which Kimiko doesn’t agree with. They quickly have to set aside their differences when a band of people from Kimiko’s past pop up. Hughie gets pretty bloody as he slices a man open and, well, Kimiko is always ripping up bodies.

Firecracker Is a Pedophile… and Uses It to Her Advantage

Firecracker is still on Annie/Starlight’s behind, so Butcher and MM attempt to get her to shut up. They find out that she committed statutory rape of a 15-year-old boy and threaten to tell the world. Firecracker pulls a fast one on them, tweeting it out herself and then “confessing her sin” in front of the world. Her weirdo followers eat up her words and it doesn’t affect her.

Prime Video

Annie’s Righteous Revenge Against Firecracker

Firecracker chooses to tell the world that Annie had an abortion when she was six weeks pregnant. This is horrifying to Annie, not because she’s ashamed of her decision. It is terrible because 1) it is her private medical business and 2) it will tank her plans to align with Robert Singer. Annie finally loses her cool and beats Firecracker up in front of cameras. She deserved it, tbh.

Butcher Fights a Stretchy Supe and Gets the Upper Hand

Butcher gets into a fight in Firecracker’s trailer and we assume he’s going to be killed. But, Butcher gets the upper hand. How is that possible? Well, he took Compound V to cure himself and he’s super strong, yet still dying. Butcher turns the other guy into mincemeat, which MM later discovers.

Sister Sage’s Lobotomy

Jasper Savage/Prime Video

Sister Sage asks the Deep to do her a favor. Apparently, her brain has a superhuman ability to heal, which means she can get a lobotomy and eventually become her normal self again. Her brain regenerates constantly. She asks him to do it, which “dumbs her down” and says she will have anal sex with him.

Someone Gave Hughie’s Dad Compound V (and It Wasn’t Hughie)

After a chat with Butcher, Hughie decides to not give his father Compound V and accept that he’s dying. But at the end of the episode, we see that blue juice running through his IV and he wakes up with a start.

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The Boys Season Four, Episode Five’s Most Shocking, Gross, and Wild Moments – “Beware the Jabberwork, My Son”

A-Train Admits He’s a Traitor to Ashely

A-Train knows that Sister Sage will soon figure out that he’s a traitor. So, he admits it to Ashley, making her an accomplice and instructing her to help cover his tracks. And boy does she do that by framing Cameron, her ex-boyfriend, whom Homelander has beaten to death.

Victoria Neuman’s Lab of Farm Animal Horrors

MM and Butcher manage to free Stan Edgar in exchange for his help to find out where Victoria is hiding the supe-killing virus. This takes them to a remote farm property Stan owns, which is where he’s sure Victoria is keeping secrets. And it turns out she has a lab of people who are studying how the virus impacts Compound V.

Things go awry when the Boys (minus Hughie), Victoria, and Stan go looking for Sameer, a scientist who happens to be Zoe’s father. They traverse the farm and run into some wild s**t, including diabolical chickens and a flying flock of murderous sheep. It is very, very ridiculous.

Hughie’s Dad Experiences the Worst of Compound V

Prime Video

We wrote more extensively about Hughie’s dad and what happens to him. But his final moments are incredibly bloody, erratic, and sad. He develops a power to basically teleport through things, including human flesh, but his damaged brain means he cannot control them. Hugh Campbell accidentally kills a couple of people and is very, very scared. Hughie eventually gives him a medication that allows him to pass away peacefully, but not after much blood is shed.

Ryan Becomes a Mini Homelander

Homelander finally cracks the code on how to win over his son Ryan. He asks Ryan what he wants and Ryan tells his dad he really wants to help people. So Homelander gives him a chance to help Brenda, a Vought employee who is being sexually harassed by Adam Bourke. Ryan asks Brenda in front of Adam if she’s okay, to which she replies no. Ryan makes Adam apologize but it is not enough. After having Adam get on his knees and beg, Ryan decides that isn’t enough.

Homelander coaches him through it, which eventually leads to them allowing Brenda to repeatedly punch Adam as he begs for mercy. While Adam deserves some good punches to the face, this is the beginning of setting Ryan up to deal with all things by inciting violence. Homelander and Ryan smirk at each other, sipping milkshakes as Adam cries out. It is a chilling moment, indeed.

Butcher Makes Demands for More Supe-Killing Juice

Butcher decides to go rogue with (ghost) Joe Kessler. He cuts off Sameer’s leg (well, part of it) and demand that he make some of the supe-killing virus. This should go over very well with Victoria Neuman.

The Boys Season Four, Episode Six’s Most Shocking, Gross, and Wild Moments – “Dirty Business”

MM Gives Webslinger Drugs in the Butt and Gets a Wet Surprise

MM, Annie, Hughie, and Kimiko are on a mission to infiltrate Tek Knight’s conservative douchebag party to find out more information. In order to get Hughie in undetected, MM goes to to see Webslinger, a supe whose a drug user. He has a web hole near his butthole and he likes to take drugs in the latter area. MM, whom we all know hates germs, gives him a drug strong enough to knock him out in the butthole. And, Webslinger thanks him with a white squirt from his webhole that goes onto his face. Hughie comes in just in time to hand him ample hand sanitizer. Poor MM.

Sister Sage Reveals Why She Hates Humans

In order to get Victoria fully onboard with Homelander’s plan, Sage tells her about her tragic childhood. Her grandmother was dying from leukemia and she actually came up with a cure but no one took her seriously. Now, she believes it is not worth solving the world’s problems because humans are awful. She is not totally wrong. 

Tek Knight’s Tek Cave Activities

We have an entire post about all the weird s**t that happens in the Tek Cave but it has to be on this list. From Hughie sitting his bare bottom on a cake and passing gas to Ashley’s many kinky desires, it is a wild, wild place. This might be the grossest episode of the show so far.  

A-Train Saves MM…and Likes Being An Actual Hero 

After a run-in with Sage, who verbally pushes him to the brink, MM suffers a panic attack and passes out. Poor Kimiko, who is not verbal, eventually convinces A-Train to help MM. He runs out of Tek’s mansion and drops MM off at the hospital. While there, he pauses as a Black boy smiles at him. For the first time (maybe ever), A-Train sees value in being a supe who does something good. Unfortunately, when a character has this sort of revelation and changes drastically, it usually means death is on the horizon. 

Butcher Is Losing His F**cking Mind

Butcher’s Compound V drenched mind is slipping far from reality. We discover that the real Joe Kessler is not alive but a figment of his imagination. Joe’s image represents the dark, chaotic side of Butcher, a contrast to his visions of Becca that appeal to his more humane nature. It is sad to see our Boys leader spiral this way. But it’s also kind of humorous that Sameer has watched him talk to himself for a while without asking why he’s talking to thin air.  

Tek Knight’s Death 

It is a little shocking that The Boys killed off Tek Knight. He dies by the hand of his butler Elijah after admitting that he was working with Homelander and Sage to create prison camps for non-supes. After years of dealing with Tek’s gross ways, Elijah decides to take matters into his own hands and prevent Tek from continuing to hurt people through his prison industrial complex. 

Firecracker’s Milky Surprise for Homelander

Firecracker affirms her loyalty to Homelander by revealing that she’s been taking a drug to produce breast milk.This really hits his button as he lays down to suckle at her boob while she cradles him like a baby. This show is something else, man.

The Boys Season Four, Episode Seven’s Most Shocking, Gross, and Wild Moments – “The Insider”

A Shapeshifting Supe Nightmare

Butcher, Annie, and Hughie get a gross surprise as they chase a shapeshifting supe. She’s able to touch people and then rip off her skin to reveal a new body that looks like someone else. We see her do this in very gross fashion as she litters a stairwell with flesh. 

MM and Monique Are Back Together (Sort Of) 

MM has been dreaming of a normal life with his ex and their daughter for a while. He got a taste of that this episode when Monique kissed him and said she wanted him to come with them on that trip to Belize. Marvin considered it deeply, even putting Butcher back in charge so he could step away. But A-Train (of all people) changed his mind and rightfully said that this problem wasn’t one they could run (hehe) away from. MM decided to let his family go away and fight with the Boys once again. Damn. Hopefully Monique will still be willing to reconcile with him after all this chaos. 

Webweaver Spills Out of His Webhole Before Homelander Rips Him in Half

Determined to continue one-upping Sage, Firecracker goes on a mission to find the leak. She believes it is Webweaver, so she brings him in for an interrogation. He admits to giving Butcher information but the entire time he’s spewing white stuff from his webhole. Webweaver says this happens when he’s nervous and he has a right to feel that way. Homelander eventually rips him apart and leaves the room, frustrated with it all. 

Prime Video

Kimiko Reveals How She Lost Her Voice

We thought we knew how Kimiko lost her voice. Her brother previously said it happened after the Shining Light Liberation Army killed her parents in front of her. But that’s not true. Kimiko actually lost her voice after she had to murder another girl during her first night at the camp. She wasn’t allowed to make a sound but, when they gave her permission to speak again, she couldn’t. So it is still childhood trauma, but from a different source. 

A-Train Reveals Himself as the Leak

We have a whole post about this but it is shocking that A-Train decides to out himself as the leak. He shows up in the nick of time to save Annie and Butcher from getting beat down by the Deep and Black Noir. It’s really lovely seeing him fight alongside MM and become the hero he’s meant to be. Hopefully he will survive and perhaps get to build a new Seven in a better way. 

Homelander Fires (and Doesn’t Kill) Sage

Of course, the Deep and Black Noir tell Homelander that A-Train is the leak. He finds out that Sage already knew and quickly sends her packing back to Detroit. Honestly, it is shocking that he didn’t rip her into a million pieces. Maybe he was too sad. 

The Deep Kills Ambrosius 

This is probably the most shocking moment in this episode. The Deep believes Sage actually loves and respects him as an intelligent being, so he begins to abandon his relationship with Ambrosius. They get into an argument where she tries to convince him that Sage is simply using him. He believes Ambrosius thinks he is stupid and allows his anger and fragile ego to make him irrationally angry. He breaks her aquarium open and allows her to suffocate. Absolutely awful. 

Kimiko Loses a Leg

Prime Video

Kimiko and Frenchie decide to do the right thing and let Sameer go. But he’s very wired up after being held captive, so he stabs Kimiko in the leg with the supe-killing virus and makes a run for it. Frenchie has to save Kimiko quickly and takes a saw to cut her leg off. Now she’s growing back her leg but thankfully still alive. At least the virus works, right? 

Ryan Stands Up and Butcher Falls Down

Ryan stands up to Vought’s problematic messaging during that dumb kids’ Christmas special and Butcher is a proud dad. But his excitement doesn’t last long as the ongoing effects of Compound V cause him to pass out on the floor. He looks a lil dead but we are sure the show wouldn’t take him out so unceremoniously. 

Starlight Is Held Captive

The shape-shifting supe hit Starlight with the okie-doke at the bar. She kidnaps her and takes her place, even wearing her costume and having sex with Hughie. Lord.

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We cannot wait to see what other gross, shocking, bloody, and plain weird moments will pop up in The Boys season four.

Originally published June 14, 2024.