The time has come for you to have your very own Razor Crest. Which is more than we can say for poor Mando. Too soon? The gorgeous ship, which immediately joined the fleet of Star Wars classics, was basically another character in The Mandalorian. And now it’s a 6,187-piece LEGO build. The set comes with a Din Djarin minifig of course, sporting his phase-pulse blaster a.k.a. disintegration rifle. There’s also his buddies Grogu, complete with bassinet, and Kuiil (RIP), with a blurrg. The Mythrol minifig is accessorized with handcuffs as Mando’s bounty and there’s even a carbonite-freezing chamber onboard. The Razor Crest LEGO set costs $600 and goes on sale October 7, 2022.

The LEGO ship is 28 inches long and 19.5 wide, making it about the same size as the model of the Razor Crest used in production of The Mandalorian. Din Djarin’s new ride, a Naboo starfighter, also comes in a LEGO version. There’s nowhere for Mando to store his bounties on that ship though. On the Razor Crest however, there’s enough room for the blurrg in the cargo hold. It also comes with Mando’s weapons cabinet and other compartments, as well as cargo doors and a loading ramp that opens and closes.  

LEGO Razor Crest set includes the ship and minifigures

Since the Razor Crest went through so much in The Mandalorian, we’d love to see some mods to this new LEGO set. Maybe cover it in LEGO ice spiders. Have LEGO Jawas strip most of the parts and then put it back together. Or have a sweater-wearing dock worker replace most of the panels with Mon Cala fishing gear. And there’s always the option to reduce it to a pile of 1×1 bricks and pretend it’s the Razor Crest after a run-in with Moff Gideon.

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