Din and Grogu Get Their Own Book with THE MANDALORIAN AND CHILD

It may be a minute until season four of The Mandalorian arrives, but you don’t have to wait too long for new stories about Din Djarin and Grogu. A new Star Wars book will put the duo into an adorable and fun cartoonish setting from Jeffrey Brown, known for Darth Vader and Son and Vader’s Little Princess. The Mandalorian and the Child brings Brown’s aesthetic to Din and Grogu, showing vignettes of their family life.

Jeffrey Brown/Chronicle Books

The cover alone makes us want to see this scene on-screen. No, it wouldn’t make sense for Din to have a bubble machine built into his weaponry. But what if he did? Other pages from the book promise more hijinks for Grogu, too. The little guy has charmed a number of beings during his adventures with Mando. We see Ahsoka and IG-11 in the below art, both sharing precious moments with the baby.

A press release from Chronicle Books says the book will also include Luke Skywalker, Peli Motto, Moff Gideon, Bo-Katan, and the Armorer. The synopsis is as follows:

Fans of the acclaimed, hit television show will be excited to see Brown’s colorfully funny, all-ages style terse Mandalorian bounty hunter Din Djarin, with the adorable Grogu in tow, complementing the show’s gritty milieu while highlighting the found family sweetness at the heart of the story. Whether he is keeping Grogu from fussing with the controls of the Razor Crest or stopping him from using the Force to steal extra snacks, Mando’s lessons as a caretaker will be instantly fun and recognizable to all families.

The Mandalorian and Child arrives on November 7. You can place a pre-order now.

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