Everyone in Middle-earth knows Sauron tricked the elves into making nine rings of power for Mortal Men doomed to die. Nine is a lot, sure, but we also know one of those mortals stood above the other eight. (Sometimes he also flew above them, too.) The powerful Witch-King of Angmar, the leader of the  Nazgûl, is the most famous and notorious of the Ringwraiths. And, if we’re being honest, he’s also the coolest. Now you can bring home one of J.R.R. Tolkien’s most intimidating villains with a new life-sized bust that will have all of your statues cowering in fear.

A replica bust of The Lord of the Rings' Witch-King of Angmar holding his sword in full armor
Infinity Studios

Infinity Studios’ newest collectible bust is a replica of The Lord of the Rings‘ Witch-King of Angmar. Made of resin, PU, and metal, it stands more than four-feet, nine inches tall. It also has a width of nearly two-feet, eight-inches, and a length of over two-feet, five-inches. It’s a big, big boy. This screen accurate replica also shows the Witch-King ready for battle. He dons his signature helmet and armor and holds his broadsword up, ready to strike.

As great as this 1-1 bust looks in daylight, it will (fittingly) really flourish in the dark. Its base features a replica for the front gates of Minas Morgul where he reigned. The statue also comes with a set of green LED lights. They recreate the unnatural, unsettling signature hue that enveloped the evil tower before Frodo helped destroy the One Ring.

Infinity Studios

You can pre-order your Witch-King of Angmar bust now, but you might need a Steward of Gondor’s salary to afford it. It can be yours for $2,859. But remember, if you’re ever afraid of something so lifelike rising up attacking you, make sure you don’t call a mortal man to help you slay it. No living man may hinder it. For that you’ll need a woman.