‘Tis the season for ugly holiday sweaters. Whether you gather in the Golden Hall or around the Party Tree, these The Lord of the Rings ugly holiday sweaters will keep you festive and warm.  FUN.com has four designs to help you showcase your fandom this holiday season. Would you choose Gandalf battling the fiery Balrog or Gollum admiring the ring in his dark cave? Both come with the one ring’s Black Speech text scrolled across the waistband and sleeves.

If you prefer more muted tones, there’s also a Mordor sweater. Barad-dûr and Mount Doom dominate, while the Nazgûl and eagles battle overhead. Slightly more cheerfully, the final option is a festive green and features Treebeard carrying Merry and Pippin as they roam the forests near Isengard. Just don’t tell Treebeard what happens to trees during the Christmas season. 

All of the Lord of the Rings ugly holiday sweaters are a cozy and comfortable acrylic and cotton blend. They each sell for $49.99. The prints are bold and colorful, as holiday sweaters are meant to be. But FUN also makes more subtle ways to show off your favorite fandom. If you want to keep your geekiness slightly more muted but still represent in the office or at weddings, there’s everything from blazers with superhero linings to Bob Ross boxer briefs, and even a TARDIS pocket square.

The four designs of the Lord of the Rings ugly holiday sweaters

Every year we’re thankful for a new batch of ugly holiday sweaters to choose from. There’s one for every fandom imaginable at this point, even when the movie or TV show isn’t particularly festive. For example, Game of Thrones isn’t known for its fun celebrations of special occasions—quite the opposite really—and yet there are ugly sweaters to represent those complicated family gatherings. And you don’t have to be Ryan Reynolds to pull off an ugly holiday sweater, they’re fun for the whole family. 

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