One of our favorite creative bakeries, One House Bakery, has made yet another clever sculpture out of bread. Last time, the bakery furnished us with “Pan Solo,” a life-sized version of Han Solo frozen in carbonite made entirely out of, you guessed it, bread. And now, they’re honoring another pop-cultural phenomenon, The Last of Us. One House Bakery has taken some unassuming bread dough and turned it into a terrifying Clicker right out of Max’s adaptation of the popular game. There’s actually some irony in seeing a bread Clicker sculpture because, in The Last of Us live-action series, bread was partially responsible for creating Clickers in the first place.

Still, we’ll put this bread Clicker on our table, right next to the delicious The Last of Us Clicker cake we saw not too long ago. Now we just need a Clicker sculpted out of raisin cookies or pancakes, and we’ll truly have the full set.

The Last of Us

All joking aside, this The Last of Us Clicker bread sculpture is incredibly impressive. Although Clickers are obviously horrifying, they represent one of the most intricate stages of being an Infected on The Last of Us. Clickers have gone full zombie enough that they have layers upon layers of fungus growing out of them and forming elaborate patterns. There’s a strange beauty and gracefulness to all those tendrils. And One House Bakery brings every facet of The Last of Us‘ Clickers to life in bread form. Not a crinkle is left uncrinkled and no tooth is left unchipped. It’s really quite a marvel.

The bakery shares more about their bread Clicker in an Instagram post detailing this The Last of Us project. The sculptor, Hannalee Pervan, notes that the bakery made the sculpture completely out of bread dough. And that she and her mom fell in love with The Last of Us and “were immediately obsessed by the beauty and the terror of the clickers and the cordyceps.” Pervan notes, “We have been working for months with dough on our creations and I hope we did the show proud! Come by and say hi to our clicker, Gus…funGus…get it???

FunGus will be available to witness in all his bread majesty throughout the month of October at One House Bakery. We just hope no one tries to eat this bread Clicker… We all saw what happened on The Last of Us.