We’ve heard the story of Peter Pan told quite a bit. From live-action films to musicals to cartoons, I think it’s safe to say we know Peter’s story pretty darn well. While the tale of the Boy Who Never Grew Up is a fun and magical one, it’s time we got a new story from Neverland, don’t you think? Actor Dante Basco certainly thinks so. While Basco’s name might not immediately ring a bell for you, you’ll most certainly recognize him at first glance:Yep, Basco was the actor who brought Rufio–one of the coolest and most badass Lost Boys in all of Neverland–to life. It’s been decades since we first were introduced to him in the 1991 film, Hook, and Basco thinks it’s about time that we got a look at Rufio’s backstory. As EW reports, he’s started a Kickstarter to tell Rufio’s story. The film will be called Bangarang. Because, seriously, what else could you call a Rufio movie?The story will follow a young boy named Roofus and his friends as they escape an unhappy life in a foster home, find their happy thoughts, and start their amazing adventures in Neverland. We’ll see how Roofus becomes Rufio and how he becomes The Pan after Peter leaves; we’ll learn what exactly bangarang means, and yes, we’ll see how he lands on that iconic hairstyle.Basco’s initial goal is to raise $30,000, to produce this as a short film. However, if he’s able to raise $200,000 or more, he’ll turn Rufio’s origin story into a feature-length film. I don’t know about you, but I would love a feature-length adventure through Neverland with Rufio. Though Basco won’t be playing Rufio again, he will still be looking out for the iconic character as the executive producer on the film.So if you want to help this film become a reality, head on over to the Kickstarter page. You’ll see info on the entire crew, you’ll see what perks you get by backing this project (like joining “Rufio’s Army), and you can even check out casting call info.Would you like to see a Rufio movie? What questions about Rufio would you like to see answered in Bangarang? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

Feature Image: TriStar Pictures

GIF: jaegermasters/ Tumblr