Barry Allen (both of him) will endanger the past, present, and future in his standalone film The Flash. Fortunately, he’ll have plenty of help from other legendary DC characters to help him restore the timeline. The Flash‘s final trailer is a mini-reunion of stars spanning generations. For the first time, Michael Keaton’s Batman isn’t the most prominent Caped Crusader on the job. That title belongs to Ben Affleck’s Dark Knight. And he has his own help, too. Jeremy Irons is also back as his loyal butler Alfred.

The Batfleck isn’t just back; he’s still leading the team of heroes that protect the world. But it will ultimately be another, older Bruce Wayne (and the best Batmobile ever) who will need to protect multiple worlds when Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen races his way back in time. That attempt to prevent his mom’s death will lead to catastrophe. The Flash‘s final trailer definitely walks us through all of that. But for even more insight, here’s the film’s official synopsis from DC Studios:

Worlds collide in “The Flash” when Barry uses his superpowers to travel back in time in order to change the events of the past. But when his attempt to save his family inadvertently alters the future, Barry becomes trapped in a reality in which General Zod has returned, threatening annihilation, and there are no Super Heroes to turn to. That is, unless Barry can coax a very different Batman out of retirement and rescue an imprisoned Kryptonian… albeit not the one he’s looking for. Ultimately, to save the world that he is in and return to the future that he knows, Barry’s only hope is to race for his life. But will making the ultimate sacrifice be enough to reset the universe?

Barry Allen stands behind the Tim Butron Batmobile in The Flash
DC Studios

Directed by Andy Muschietti (IT Chapters 1 and 2), the film will introduce Sasha Calle as Supergirl. It also marks the return of Michael Shannon’s General Zod. He’s joined by two additional DC alums, Kiersey Clemons and Antje Traue. And Ron Livingston and Maribel Verdú round out the cast.

The Flash—and its many Batmans—speeds into North American theaters on June 16, 2023. That’s when we’ll find out just how big this DC reunion really is.