THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD Movie Will Bring Batman and Damian Wayne to New DCU

James Gunn dropped a number of bombs Tuesday morning with regard to the brand new, revamped DCU. (First, it’s no longer the DCEU) Among the things he said were movies like Matt Reeves’ The Batman sequel and Joker: Folie a Deux will get a clear “Elseworlds” label to let people know—much like in the comics—that they are not connected to the overarching DCU. Gunn also gave us a huge list of movies and shows coming to our screens. One of those will be the DCU’s new Batman, a feature film titled The Brave and the Bold.

DC Comics

Traditionally, The Brave and the Bold at DC Comics pointed to any number of team-ups, usually involving heroes who wouldn’t normally work together. The Silver Age was the big heyday for this title. Beginning in issue #59 the title shifted to almost exclusively a Caped Crusader book, owing to the popularity of the Adam West Batman TV series. While the movie Gunn announced will feature Batman and Robin, it won’t be the familiar dynamic duo most fans know.

The movie will adapt Grant Morrison’s run of Batman comics from the mid-2000s. Morrison took Batman all over the place, killed him off, sent him through time, and then franchised him across the globe. But in specific, Gunn said The Brave and the Bold will focus on Bruce Wayne’s Batman and perhaps Morrison and artist Andy Kubert’s most important contribution to Bat Family canon, his adolescent son Damian Wayne. Damian is Batman’s son with Talia al Ghul, whom Talia and Ra’s al Ghul raised as an assassin.

DC Comics

As Gunn says, the movie will follow Batman’s journey to take the violent nightmare child Damian under his (bat)wing and teach him how to be Robin. While Morrison’s run proved incredibly dark, with new villains like the terrifying Professor Pyg, it was also quite funny.

DC films have long shied away from the idea of Robin, entirely because of the campiness of the Schumacher films. However, Robin is a huge part of the Batman lore. Perhaps using Damian, a darker version, will be a good gateway for people. And Gunn said it will introduce the “Bat Family,” so we might even see a grown up Dick Grayson, Tim Drake, and Barbara Gordon in the film too.

No word yet on casting, but we are, as with all of these announcements, we are jazzed to all heck.

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