The Boys is back for season four. And that means many wildly inappropriate, intensely gross, and truly amazing moments await us from our favorite Supes. But one important part of enjoying The Boys season four is knowing what time to tune in so you don’t get punched in the face with spoilers you don’t want.

Well, The Boys season four has an all-new release time. Yes, Prime Video has shared that The Boys episodes “have a new drop time this go around…” and that’s deep-ly important if you know what we mean. (We know you do.)

The Deep The Boys
Prime Video

In any case, we’re here to answer the question: what time do new episodes of The Boys season four release? Well, new episodes of The Boys season four will arrive at 3 am ET / 12 am PT. It’s not quite the prime-time luxury of Disney+’s new release schedule, but we’ll take it. The Boys wouldn’t be themselves if they made things easy on us.