It’s hard work protecting the world from evil. It’s also exhausting serving as a mega corporation’s shill. And when you’re busy doing both small things tend to fall to the wayside. Things like shaving. It certainly seems like that will be the case for Jensen Ackles’ Soldier Boy during season three of The Boys. He shared a photo of himself from 2021 that teases his character having a big bushy beard. And while it might not be the look you’d expect from either a soldier or a member of the Seven, we bet Ackles’ fans will find it super.

Ackles posted an image on Instagram of how he looked one year ago. It shows the shirtless former Supernatural star with an impressive beard. (And yes, obviously he got into incredible shape for the role.) The date of the picture seemingly lines up with when he was busy filming The Boys third season. And Ackles indicated this version of Soldier Boy’s beard will appear on the show. He included a comic book issue of his character in the post.

Jensen Ackles will join the hit Prime Video show as a new-yet-old superhero. Ackles will play The Boys‘ original super-powered celebrity, Soldier Boy. The World War II character is well-known within the universe (and the comics the show is based on), but he will be new to viewers. Soldier Boy is desperate to join the Seven and will do anything to join the group. We doubt Homelander will approve of Soldier Boy’s facial growth. Not only does it undermines the group’s pristine image, but beards are also more of Billy Butcher’s thing.

The show’s official Twitter account also had some fun with the image. At least we’re pretty sure it was just having fun because we don’t think any character is looking for a Dexter-style ending. But in fairness, with The Boys we’re always ready for anything and everything to happen.

We know from trailers and official publicity photos the character’s facial hair will undergo some changes. But why will Soldier Boy Ackles end up with such an unkempt look on The Boys? Is that good for him or a sign of bad things to come?

A shirtless Jensen Ackles with a big bushy beard next to a promo hot for his character Soldier Boy in uniform with a neat beard on The Boys
Jensen Ackles/Prime Video

We won’t know why Ackles has this beard until The Boys returns on June 3. But no matter what happens to his character, we’re pretty sure Jensen Ackles fans will be in a super mood they got to see him rocking a beard this good.