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The Boys‘ universe has a new class of supes who hope to join the Seven on Gen V. Marie Moreau, Andre Anderson, and others fought for the coveted #1 spot at Godolkin University and all the perks that come with being great. It’s an exciting new direction for the franchise, but our hearts are always with characters like Hughie, A-Train, and even Homelander. We knew a few characters from The Boys would appear on Gen V throughout its first season. But how did their stories intertwine with God U? Here’s which The Boys characters appeared on Gen V

A-Train Is a Beacon of Hope in Gen V 

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A-Train appeared in the show’s opening scene in a flashback from eight years ago when he was drafted into The Seven. Marie’s dad was proud to see a Black man make it into the group. If he only knew the truth about that organization. A-Train’s draft clip is the only time he appeared on the spinoff.

The Late Madelyn Stillwell Comes Alive in a Flashback

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There’s no use crying over spilled milk, but we’re still sad Homelander murdered Elisabeth Shue’s Madelyn Stillwell on The Boys. That made her quick cameo in a flashback to A-Train’s Seven draft day that much sweeter to drink in. And now we’re going to stop making milk drinking puns before we go too far.

Ashley Barrett Continues to Lie for Vought in Gen V

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Ashley Barrett first appeared at the end of episode one after Golden Boy’s rampage and death by suicide. Of course, the Vought CEO lied and said there’s nothing wrong at Godolkin. She called Golden Boy “psychotic” and a “drug user.”

She then showed up early in episode two on a board meeting/phone call with Godolkin University president Indira Shetty to discuss Golden Boy’s death. Ashley quickly created a narrative to push Marie and Andre as the “Guardians of Godolkin” who saved the day so they could score points with the public and the NAACP. Ashley purposefully left Jordan Li out of the narrative because of their race and gender identity. A private conversation between Indira and Ashley revealed The Woods as a big and “potentially fatal” problem. Indira assured Ashley she will handle everything from a PR perspective.

By the season one finale Ashley’s confidence in Shetty almost cost her and the entire board of trustees their lives. Ashley was at God U during the supe rampage. Marie and her friends managed to save Ashley and the others, and for that they got locked up.

Adam Bourke Is a Godolkin Professor in Gen V, Apparently

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Adam Bourke shows up exactly where we thought he would in Gen V—the school of performing arts. The famed director told his acting class to use their grief over Golden Boy’s death to push forward. His appearance is hilarious with a pitch-perfect monologue about the importance of the artist. Apparently, his students have to “bring the funk and not the junk” to get a passing grade.

Sam almost killed him in the season one finale, but Emma stopped Sam. Bourke thought he then saved himself by blackmailing Ashley to let him into her barricaded room by threatening to reveal their previous bathroom romp. Ultimately he survived the Godolkin massacre with an idea for his next film.

The Deep Ranked #6 at God U and Loved Brink

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The Deep (well, his photo) shows up in a Godolkin University orientation video in episode one. While Queen Maeve and A-Train were #1 in their classes, The Deep came in at #6. Honestly, I’m shocked he made it that far up the rankings. He’s not qualified to be a professor, but he did send in a video for a fundraiser gala honoring Brink. In episode three, The Deep says Brink helped him hone his skills and sharpened his mind to turn him into the intelligent man he is today. He tells him to “rest in peace bro.”

Soldier Boy’s Gen V Cameo Is a Dirty Delight

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It only took six episodes for Jensen Ackles to return as Soldier Boy. His appearance wasn’t technically the real him, but rather how he exists in Cate’s mind/imagination as her childhood crush. He met Marie and company in Cate’s memories and told them a little too much info about Cate’s masturbation methods. A burst blood vessel in her brain then “killed” him in a lightning blast. Everything about him showing up was awesome, especially when you consider that Ackles improvs his lines.

Victoria Neuman Is on the Campaign (and Chaos) Trail 

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Victoria Neuman makes her Gen V debut in episode six. The head-popping VP candidate is at a Godolkin Town Hall trying to repair her image as a supe hater. Predictably, the town hall goes completely off the rails and Victoria is rushed off stage only to be accosted by Marie Moreau. Through their conversation, Victoria affirms she also has blood manipulation powers. Marie hands her information about Vought and The Woods (which she may have been at least vaguely aware of) and Victoria uses that to kill Dr. Cardosa and take vials of the supe killing virus. She will be a big antagonist in The Boys season four and surely this virus will be a part of her nefarious plans. 

Cameron Coleman Continues to Carry Vought’s Water on Gen V

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Vought News Network‘s most famous lapdog/faux journalist showed up on Gen V to interview Polarity ahead of Victoria Neuman’s Town Hall. After Polarity’s seizure Coleman filled-in as the event’s host. There he pushed more pro-supes, anti-Singer/Neuman presidential ticket propaganda as only Cameron Coleman can (like a dishonest snake.)

The Boys‘ Grace Mallory Makes a Surprise Cameo Appearance in Gen V

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Grace Mallory, the former CIA Deputy Director who was caring for Homelander’s son Ryan, is known for being the founder of The Boys and working closely with Butcher. She appeared briefly in Gen V in a scene with Dean Shetty, who tried to convince Mallory to use the supe killing virus. Grace refused and then called a mysterious person to make sure they got the recording. That’s useful information for The Boys collective who could try and use that horrific virus for their own purposes in season four. 

Homelander Arrives at God U in a Bad Mood

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The most powerful supe in the world showed up after Marie and Jordan stopped the woods prisoners massacre, but rather than greet them as heroes Homelander attacked Marie for murdering her own “kind.” The blast would have killed most people, but Marie survived and is now imprisoned with Andre, Jordan, and Emma. Meanwhile Vought CEO and potential felon Homelander made sure to have Cameron Coleman promote Cate and Sam as the real Guardians of Godolkin.

Butcher Stops by The Woods For a Foul-Mouthed Visit

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Gen V‘s first season ended with a post-credits scene featuring the biggest supe-hater in the world, Billy Butcher. He appeared in the abandoned woods facility underneath Godolkin University. There he saw the horrific prison. Why was he there, though? What was he looking for? Butcher knows about the supe-killing virus created there, but Victoria Neuman has the only vials. Could Butcher be looking for a victim to find evidence of the virus? More information?

We’ll have to wait until The Boys season four to find out.

Originally published on September 29, 2023.