THE BATMAN Is Getting a Colin Farrell Penguin Series Spin-off

It was a big surprise when they announced Colin Farrell as the Penguin for The Batman. But then we saw the makeup job they did on him as the character in the trailer, and now we see it. Big time. Also on board for this new Farrell version of Oswald Cobblepot is HBO Max, who, according to Variety, has commissioned a series based on the iconic DC villain. This is the second The Batman spin-off for the streamer, who is also developing a Gotham City Police series as well. Here’s what we know about this Colin Farrell Penguin spin-off series.

Warner Bros.

Lauren LeFranc is writing the script for the series, and The Batman director Matt Reeves is also an executive producer, along with Farrell. According to the original report, The series will give the backstory on the Penguin’s rise to power in the Gotham criminal underworld. So, essentially, we’re looking at a prequel here. Interestingly, they covered this ground rather extensively in the recent past. Gotham was very much a Penguin origin story. It seems it’s never too soon to reboot a concept when it comes to comic book properties.

Hopefully, the show will feature other Bat villains. Perhaps some that aren’t prominent enough to have a starring role in a Batman movie on their own. (We’re rooting for you, Ventriloquist and Scarface)! HBO Max is doubling down on their DC Comics-based shows. They’ve got James Gunn’s Peacemaker series, a Green Lantern show in pre-production, as well as a J.J. Abrams-produced Justice League Dark. This is on top of shows like Doom Patrol and Harley Quinn. We’d love to see new and familiar faces in this Colin Farrell Penguin series.

DC Comics

When the Penguin series eventually debuts, it will make three different Batman universes on the same platform. Titans feature many Gotham-based heroes, and they say the upcoming Batgirl movie is to be in the DCEU. Meanwhile, there will be two separate series tied to The Batman. Once upon a time, this might have confused general audiences. But we’re living in a Multiverse-savvy popular culture now. No word yet as to when Penguin’s solo series debuts, but don’t expect it before 2023 at the earliest.

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