In the next obvious move, Mattel has released a collection of Barbie dolls and accessories from the upcoming Barbie movie starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling. Now all we need is a movie about the Barbie movie Barbie dolls, and we’ll have gone full Barbie-ception. Of course, the merchandise line for the Barbie movie had to happen, but we also feel there’s a funny kind of irony to the collection. We have a feeling the movie will poke some fun at Barbie as a brand and her doll-like fantasy existence. But she got us because we’ll still take her home to play with anyway. From full Kenergy, pastel-striped Ken to Barbie’s dreamhouse (no walls or doors here), check out the Barbie the movie doll collection.

Barbie Movie Barbie and Ken dolls - the movie stars Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling

Barbie the movie’s Mattel doll collection gives you everything a Barbie (who is everything) and Ken (who is just Ken) could want. There’s President Barbie, Pink Power Pantsuit Barbie, Denim Matching Set Ken, and even a couple of corvettes. There’s even a Hot Wheels Corvette you can actually drive. We have to wonder if Hot Wheels will cameo in the Barbie movie.

What we don’t see is John Cena’s mermaid Barbie… And “wrangling with the concept of death” Barbie and “Existential Crisis” Barbie are also nowhere to be found in this movie line. And honestly, if Mattel could put out some Barbie dolls with that Kenergy, we would be first in line.

The Barbie movie releases on July 21.