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The AG6 Work-Out Combines Gaming & Fitness for the Win

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Games can make fitness fun, right? Take Dance Dance Revolution. What with its calorie counters and “work-out modes.” The success stories of players losing impressive amounts of weight on the dance board are certainly hard to forget, too. And aerobics is just soooo much more diverting when wrapped up with colorful lights and tallied points. Thing is, thoughfor all its use as an exercise tool, DDR isn’t really a complete work-out program. But… what if it were?

This clip shows the “AG6” class from Asphalt Green, a non-profit fitness organization based in New York City. During 45 minute classes, participants run through a series of drills involving dozens of color-coded, pressure-sensitive pads. Guided as if they’re in a huge video game, exercisers slam medicine balls, bust out burpies, tug rubber cables, and squat, lunge, and hop about to maximum plyometric benefit. It’s the kind of work-out you’d imagine Tron needing to put in before going a round or two on the Game Grid.

This tech isn’t exclusive to Asphalt Green, by the way. It’s actually part of the cutting-edge PRAMA line being offered by the European outfit, Pavi Gym. The third generation of PRAMA even offers interactive flooring, mood lighting, and app-integration for much further degrees of customization. If the video above’s got you thinking your basement/attic could boost your fitness profile if only it had a few flashy pads on the walls and floor, you might want to peruse PRAMA’s products page for a quote.

Would you sign up for a AG6 session? Or are there other programs which integrate gaming and fitness more successfully? Fill the talkback with recs. We’d love to feature ’em!

Featured Image Credit: Asphalt Green

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