A movie about time travel that stars Ryan Reynolds, Zoe Saldana, and Mark Ruffalo sounds like an MCU project… Especially when it features a whole lot of action scenes, special effects, and comedy. But the newest trailer for Netflix’s The Adam Project shows director Shawn Levy tells a very different kind of story. His sci-fi thriller is as much about a touching tale about family as it is about saving the universe.

The Adam Project‘s trailer finds the universe in danger. All because scientist Louis Reed (played by Ruffalo) unlocked the secrets of time travel. (Yes, we laughed at his “grandfather of time travel” line, too, since Ruffalo’s Professor Hulk sort of unlocked time travel in Avengers: Endgame.)

But this isn’t simply a matter of going back to stop an invention that could destroy the fabric of space and reality. Not after Ruffalo’s adult son Adam Reed (Reynolds) travels back nearly 30 years to 2022. That’s where he meets his younger 12-year-old self (Walker Scobell). And it turns out no matter how young or old a Ryan Reynolds character might be; he’s got a sharp wit. Though in this case, it also helps that the adult Adam is also a sharp fighter. Forces from the future are hot on Adam’s trail in the past.

Walker Scobell and Ryan Reynolds in The Adam Project (for The Adam Project full trailer article)
Doane Gregory/ Netflix

The film also features Saldana as Laura, another time traveler from the year 2050 who meets up with both Adams. Jennifer Garner stars as well. She joins as Adam’s mom Ellie. And Catherine Keener rounds out the loaded cast as the leader of the future faction. If Adam Reed really did watch too many movies, he definitely saw all of these actors onscreen many times. And if he’s right about the multiverse, they might actually all be Variants of their MCU characters.

The Adam Project, the second film from Free Guy‘s Shawn Levy and Ryan Reynolds, comes to Netflix on March 11. That is unless a time traveler shows up to release it sooner.