Kirby may look cute and be a fan favorite in Super Smash Bros., but if you think about it he’s pretty terrifying. That big-eyed pink façade hides a dark purpose as Kirby sucks up anything in his path. Even if we’re working under the premise that Kirby has always been a monster, artist North of the Border takes that to horrifying heights with his latest clay statue. Kirby is now more than just a mouth as he adds backwards pointing teeth to his gaping maw. Even if you already thought Kirby was scary, the tiny hands, huge claws, and black eyes bring him into the realm of nightmares.

And what about those nondescript feet, is Kirby hiding something? Rather than red slippers, Adam, the artist behind North of the Border, determines Kirby has gnarly feet and long claw-like toes. Another horrifying detail comes on the back of the clay ball. Rather than leave that space wasted, Adam decides that all those creatures and people Kirby suctions up get trapped inside. Just think about how many meals he’s had over the course of the dozens of Kirby video games. And who knew that just a few bits of clay, in the hands of a master, could turn into something so terrifying?

A clay ball with clay face and hands pressing out of it
North of the Border

Adam is definitely not the first fan to realize that Kirby is quite scary. We’ve even done the math on whether he can inhale a human. And some of the official merch, like this desk fan, is horrifying too. He can’t hide behind those blue eyes and pink cheeks anymore.

North of the Border

Other creepy crafts from the North of the Border YouTube channel include envisioning what Pikachu would look like as a realistic electric critter and a set of zombie Minions ready to haunt your dreams. The artist stands ready to continue ruining everyone’s childhood with his tiny nerdy things.

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