Terminator 2 might still be the best sequel ever made, but none of the other Terminator movies have ever lived up to the standard of the first two films. Some were okay (Rise of the Machines), but some definitely were not (Genisys). That mixed bag is why many fans are cautiously optimistic for the next installment in the series, Terminator: Dark Fate. Not only is it a direct sequel to Judgement Day, it marks the return of Linda Hamilton. So will it finally deliver the follow-up audiences have been waiting on, or is it fated to be another disappointment? Based on the first reactions to the film it’s a return to form, and a big reason why is because the original Sarah Connor is back, and she’s joined by some fantastic newcomers.

The comments from those who got to see an early screening were uniformly high on the film’s action sequences, the importance of having Hamilton back, and the introduction of Mackenzie Davis to the franchise.

Sounds like Terminator: Dark Fate might finally be the movie that saves the fate of the franchise from a terrible future.

Featured Image: Paramount Pictures