Guys might have underestimated Theodore Lasso all his life, but that never stopped him from reaching greatness. Not just on the field or pitch, either. AFC Richmond’s manager could also bake. Now you can get a taste of what he was cooking in his kitchen with Mackenzie Limited’s exclusive new Ted Lasso Biscuits with the Boss cookies.

A pink Ted LAsso box of shortbread cookies with two of them on a small plate all next to a cup of tea
Mackenzie Limited

Rebecca Welton had all the money in the world, but for three seasons the Greyhounds owner got a special treat free of charge every morning. Her team’s head coach started off every workday by bringing Rebecca a little pink box of his very own homemade shortbread cookies. It was a brilliant way to “butter up” his superior. (Joking, joking. We all know Ted was far too kind to bring someone cookies for any malicious reason.) But it was also frustrating watching her eat them because we couldn’t.

That ends now. Ted Lasso backers can now enjoy them, too. For a price.

Mackenzie Limited has their very own official version of those cookies for sale. And the company’s Ted Lasso Biscuits with the Boss sweets (which we first learned about at /Film) sound as good as they always looked on the Apple TV+ series. Here’s the edible collectible’s official description:

These authentic English biscuits are a touch salty, a touch sweet, and always buttery and rich. One bite of these Ted Lasso shortbread cookies with their signature crumbly texture and you’ll realize why Ted believed in the power of biscuits. “They can bring people together, they can make you feel better, and they can even help you win a football game.” – Ted Lasso

Apple TV+

Each box comes with ten large shortbread cookies equaling nine-ounces of delectable deliciousness in total. Obviously that’s not enough, which is why you can order up to three boxes at once. One box will run you (like Roy Kent) $29.95, two costs $49.95, and three boxes come in at a Zava-like $69.95.

If you have a Coach Beard in your life you’ll probably want to order 300 boxes. (It’s me. I’m the Coach Beard in peoples’ food lives.) For that amount, it’s probably best if you actually do have Rebecca Welton’s number. Either that or work with Ted Lasso.