Team Nerdist Discovers (And Abuses) Their Buggy New Super Powers - Nerdist

Team Nerdist Discovers (And Abuses) Their Buggy New Super Powers

Today, Spider-Man: Homecoming is out in theaters…and we’re just a little bit jealous here at Nerdist headquarters. Why is Peter Parker the only one who gets to run around with the proportionate strength of a spider? Team Nerdist wants some superpowers of our own, and we’re gonna get them no matter what it costs! 

The video provides a quick glimpse at daily life at the Legendary Digital Networks office, as Nerdist News host Jessica Chobot watches her own program and science editor Kyle Hill gets his mad science on. Do you know what we say when that happens? “Must be Friday!” In full view of everyone, Kyle attempts to recreate the effects of a radioactive spider bite by irradiating an entire group of insects…shortly before accidentally setting them upon himself and others.

With no safety measures in place, Kyle transforms into the Honey Bee, Jessica becomes the Cicada, Hector Navarro turns into the Cockroach while the Critical Role duo of Matt Mercer and Marisha Ray make the change into Cricket Boy and Cricket Girl. Together, they’ll form a team of heroes with no control over their fate or their powers. They’ll soon need all of the help they can get against some random guy who is supposedly called Andrew Bowser. A likely story!


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