Stranger Comics president and writer Sebastian A. Jones is taking us back to the carefully crafted and wonderfully Afrofuturistic world of Asunda with Tales of Asunda #1: Niobe & The Stranger, which will reunite these characters. For those who are unfamiliar, Niobe is half-human, half-elven, and set to be the heir of the thrones of two realms at war. The spirit of Goddess and Devil reside within her, competing to win her over their respective sides. This story is a part of Tales of Asunda, an ongoing anthology series of one-shots and short stories. 

Take an Exclusive First Look at TALES OF ASUNDA #1: NIOBE & THE STRANGER_1
Stranger Comics/Caanan White/Blond/Darrell May/Joshua Cozine

Tales of Asunda #1: Niobe & The Stranger is penned by Jones with Julio Brilha on pencils and inks, Blond crafting its colors, Darrell May on layouts and concept art, Caanan White for the main cover, and Joshua Cozine as its letterer and production designer. In this story, Niobe’s armor of innocence will face a major test as she struggles with her “First Kill.” Here’s a quick synopsis of what to expect: 

Niobe looks upon the aftermath of a gruesome battle. The last of her enemies has surrendered. But these knights had murdered her tribes in the name of righteous war and worship. As they await Niobe’s execution, one asks her when killing became so easy. She is transported back to her youth and her time with the Stranger, a killer who made a deal with the devil, yet was on a path to redemption. If he could change, could the rest of the world? Or would it bleed to death before it found its conscience. This story is about the fading of youthful innocence into the gray areas of hard choices. When Niobe would take that first kill.

“I’m really excited for Tales because not only does it give me the opportunity to get more of my world out of my head and onto the page, but it gives me the chance to work with a diverse and wide variety of other creators,” Jones says about the series. “From a practical standpoint, it allows me to have an ongoing series, which is difficult for an independent publisher. But it also brings in fresh perspectives on a world that’s lived inside of me for most of my life.”

This world does come to life in a brilliant way. Check out our exclusive reveal, a first look into the action of Tales of Asunda #1: Niobe & The Stranger.

Stranger Comics/Julio Brilha/Blond/Sebastian A. Jones
Stranger Comics/Julio Brilha/Blond/Sebastian A. Jones

If you want to dive into the past to get to know Niobe better, then you’re in luck. Tales of Asunda distributor Diamond Comic Distributors, Inc. will also re-offer the trade paperbacks of The Untamed, which introduces these characters. There are also a variety of book bundles on Stranger Comics’ website to get you up to speed, too.

One thing is for sure: you’ll want to snag all the Tales of Asunda #1: Niobe & The Stranger covers because they are absolutely gorgeous. In addition to Caanan White’s main cover art, fellow artists David Mack, Iga Oliwiak, and Julio Brilha lent their talents to a variety of variant covers.

Tales of Asunda #1: Niobe & The Stranger hits stands on June 7 and is available for pre-order until April 27.