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Browse the Deep Waters of the Web for $48 with Surfshark

Back when the Game Boy was still around, the Gameshark was one of the first readily available ways to game with fewer walls and play how you wanted. In 2022, the new shark is the Surfshark One, a VPN, antivirus, search, and alert app that breaks down walls on the internet and lets you browse how you want. Right now, Surfshark is on sale for $47.76 (Reg. $173). 

One of the most valuable things you have online is your personal information, and you leave it everywhere you go. But unfortunately, companies and individuals have ways of tracking your browsing, mining your information, and either selling it or using it to exploit you directly.

Often when you see an ad on the side of a website for something in your area, it’s because a tracker recorded your IP address. Other times, when you encounter a video ad for something you just left in your shopping cart, it’s because those advertisers are gathering your data. Surfshark stops that. 

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Secure your identity behind a VPN that blocks companies, hackers, and bots from tracking you and your browsing. Remain anonymous on public or private Wi-Fi. And use the internet how you want to. Geographical barriers won’t lock content you wish to access. For example, if a new show isn’t available to stream in your country, simply connect to another server in another country and start watching there.

Real-time protection keeps you up-to-date even as you use the internet more freely than you have in years. And if you do get worried that something may have wound up on your computer, schedule a scan. You can even set up alerts to tell you if your email information gets leaked. 

VPN Mentor gave SurfShark a 9.6 out of 10 for performance and security. And right now, you can get a one-year subscription to Surfshark One for just $47.76 (Reg. $173) — that’s not much to pay for an open and safe internet. 


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Surfshark One: VPN, Antivirus, Search, & Alert – $47.76

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