For nearly 40 years the Super Mario Bros. franchise has sent its iconic plumber to countless worlds with a myriad of art and game styles. But Nintendo’s latest entry in the series is a throwback to its roots, a trip it hasn’t made in 10 years. The first trailer for Super Mario Bros. Wonder on the Switch is a return to 2D side-scrolling fun. And while it captures the spirit of Mario’s earliest adventures, there’s plenty of new creatures, levels, graphics, and strategies for both old and new fans alike to discover.

That includes turning our favorite plumber into a big powerful elephant.

The first 2D-side scrolling Super Mario Bros. game in a decade will introduce some pretty big advancements. And we don’t just mean more detailed graphics. Forget plants that give you fire power. The next big vegetation in the world of Super Mario Bros. is the Wonder Flower. Nintendo says when players touch one it will unlock” the wonders of the world that will alter gameplay in “unpredictable ways.” That might mean “pipes could come alive” in the level, “hordes of enemies may appear,” or “characters might change their looks.”

Super Mario Bros. Wonder‘s Characters

While the game will definitely remind original fans of the franchise’s first home release, you’ll have way more character options to run through levels than you did in 1985. You can opt to be Princess Peach, Princess Daisy (Daisy!!), Yoshi, Mario, Luigi, or Toad (two versions), and Toadette. All these characters will offer the same kinds of gameplay and won’t have different abilities. Nabbit and Yoshi can also be played but will not take damage—they’ll feature a more easygoing gameplay experience. Yoshi can also flutter jumps, eat objects, and spit them back at enemies.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder‘s Settings

The Flower Kingdom will feature six distinct worlds that circle the Petal Isles, offering seven areas for players to explore. These are Pipe-Rock Plateau, Fluff-Puff Peaks, Shining Falls, and three unknown areas which feature a desert, a mysterious forest, and a volcanic magma-filled world. Talking Flowers along the way may give you hints or coins.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder‘s Power-Ups and Badges

The most exciting new feature, though, is also the actual biggest. The game will introduce an all-new power-up that is already one of our favorites ever: Elephant Mario! We love him already.

Mario powered up as a big gray elephant in Super Mario Bros. Wonder

Other characters will also have elephant forms, of course. Additionally, nifty new power-ups Bubble Flower and Drill Mushroom will let you bounce and dig your way through the game. Trap your enemies in rainbow bubbles and use them travel; meanwhile, drill down deep to hide from enemies or crash into them.

Finally, The Wonder Flower will completely transform levels and change the gameplay in many fun and strange ways, not all positive, though, so beware. Collect a Wonder Seed to return the course to normal.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder will also introduce badges into its gameplay. These unlockable badges can be equipped to enhance gameplay.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder‘s Release Date and More

We also love the local multiplayer option the game will include once we can get back in on that side-scrolling fun. Up to four can play this game locally on the same Nintendo Switch system. If someone is a Yoshi, you can jump on their back and ride around them. Online, you can see other players playing around you. Although you will not play directly together, you can bump into a ghost to get back into the game. Nintendo will even celebrate the release of with a new Nintendo Switch OLED model Mario Red edition.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder arrives on Nintendo Switch later this fall on October 20, 2023. You can pre-order your copy now at

Originally published on June 21, 2023.