The world of Stranger Things makes fans feel like time is in flux. The glorious ‘80s nostalgia and monsters like the Demogorgon and Vecna sweep us into otherworldly adventures, transporting us to a place that is far removed from our daily schedules of adulting. Unfortunately, time does still exist and we have to keep up with it. But we can make that experience infinitely more rad with Casio’s Stranger Things watch. 

The A120WEST-1A timepiece captures all the throwback glory of the 1980s with an Upside Down inspired flair. The faceplate boasts the simplicity of days gone by with only four buttons: reset, light, mode, and start. It comes with a stopwatch and is water resistant, just in case you get sucked into a lake portal like Steve Harrington. Check out these cool photos of this nostalgic timepiece.

I love the details on this Casio watch, from the tentacle-like vines on its translucent gray band to the upside down Stranger Things logo that appears when you press the light. It’s not bright enough to help you navigate through dark tunnels or the Creel House, but at least you’ll know what time it is. The packaging also features our fearless friends zipping around on their bikes. The best part? This watch pairs perfectly with my favorite Stranger Things T-shirt. 

Stranger Things Casio watch laying on top of shirt with Stranger things characters that says Hawkins 1985
Tai Gooden

Grab your own Stranger Things watch here for $99.95 and get ready to face whatever D&D monsters come your way.