Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse is a true triumph of the medium. It’s one of the best looking, most innovative films ever made. But one artist who worked on it really stood out. An all-time great animated movie included a sequence made by a 14-year-old. The team behind the franchise was so impressed with Preston Mutanga‘s LEGO recreations they tasked him with bringing the movie’s LEGO Spider-Man section to life. Obviously he’s a real prodigy. And yet, despite knowing all that, we’re still awed by one of his recent remakes. He created Stranger Things 4: Volume 2‘s trailer in LEGO. It has us ready to battle the original and mini-fig versions of Vecna. However, we’d really prefer if all versions of Hawkins took care of him without us. Watching, in any form, is way less stressful than actually fighting.

Forget the Upside Down, Stranger Things 4 heads to LEGO World in (now 15-year-old) Preston Mutanga’s take on the hit Netflix series. From Eleven and friends, to Hopper and Joyce, to the California crew, to poor Eddie Munson, everyone is along for this plastic brick war against true evil.

They’ll need to work together, too. Even in minifigure form, Vecna is super creepy. Even at roughly 1.5-inches tall he’d freak us out.

A LEGO figure of Stranger Things 4's Vecna
Preston Mutanga

This isn’t good because a kid made it. This is a fantastic way to re-experience one of Stranger Things‘ best seasons. If you didn’t know about the original series you’d think it really was a LEGO show for adults.

It’s so good it has us ready to fire up Netflix for a rewatch. (That desire doesn’t apply to listening to Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill,” though, because we’ve never stopped playing it since it helped save Max.)

And after we’ve finished rewatching Stranger Things 4 again? We’re putting Across the Spider-Verse on, obviously. We’ll never stop being awed by Preston’s work.