Rebel scum. We all know they’re out there, pathetically plotting the downfall of the glorious Empire and everything it has worked so hard to build. That’s why each imperial victory (capturing Princess Leia off the Tantive IV, defeating the rebels at Hoth, the Battle of Yav—not that one), deserves a celebratory drink. A celebratory drink of whiskey right from a glass decanter molded in the shape of a Stormtrooper helmet from the original Star Wars trilogy. Feel the hate flow through you! (And also that warm tingly feeling you get in your guts after you pound a shot of hard liquor.)

The Stormtrooper decanters are available through The Fowndry, a site that carries “the most remarkable products this planet has to offer.” The 750ml decanters are made from “high quality Super Flint Glass,” are duplicated from the helmets in original ’77 film, and come full of either whiskey or brandy. Needless to say, they’re the perfect holiday gift for any Dark Side-lover you may have in your life (who knows, maybe it will even help them shoot straight?).

The Stormtrooper decanters cost about $27 before shipping, and are available for pre-order. Although according to the Fowndry you’ll want to order them right now if you want them here in time for your own special Star Wars holiday. (Made you think about The Star Wars Holiday Special, neener neener!)

What do you think about these Stormtrooper decanters? What does your face look like after you take a shot of whiskey? Like Luke’s after he had his hand chopped off or like Han’s after he was frozen in carbonite? Let us know about your weird shot face in the comments below!

Images: The Fowndry

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