Even after 40 years The Empire Strikes Back has something new to offer Star Wars fans. Despite being dissected and written about repeatedly, getting countless making-of features, and being watched roughly a combined 37 trillion times, it turns out we haven’t experienced everything there is from the movie. And what remains is an emotional set of never-before-seen clips from the set of the galaxy far, far away’s most popular installment.

You might want to have a hankie nearby when you hit the hyperdrive on it, though. We know we needed one after seeing a young Carrie Fisher.


Today Good Morning America shared a special, exclusive Star Wars video. It includes rare, newly shared footage taken from the set of the movie. It features insights and clips from multiple locales and sets on Hoth, Cloud City, and more. There is also commentary from The Empire Strikes Back‘s filmmakers and stars. And we can all feel old together seeing the baby faces of Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, and the late Carrie Fisher.

Billy Dee Williams however is ageless. He was likely born looking exactly like that.

See Rare Footage From the Set of THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK_1Lucasfilm

There’s also tons of other fun goodies here, including many funny bloopers and lost silly moments from filming. There are also lots great clips of director Irvin Kershner giving his actors instructions. And it’s really incredible learning Luke was so close to his hotel on “Hoth.”

But it’s hard not to watch this without getting emotional over seeing Star Wars‘ Rebel hero and Princess. Carrie Fisher obviously brought as much warmth, love, and sass to that set as she did everywhere she went. And watching her in the prime of her life having so much fun only makes us miss her even more.


That’s not one of The Empire Strikes Back‘s remaining secrets, though. We always knew that was true about her.