While it’s not a sure thing, it sounds like season two of the upcoming Star Wars series, The Acolyte, is already beginning work on a season two. Per SFX Magazine (via ScreenRant), Star Wars producer Rayne Roberts noted, “We’ve got to get back into the writers’ room for season 2 to see where we’re at. We have some initial thoughts about what we want to do, but in terms of where the story will ultimately wrap up, that hasn’t been quite nailed down yet.”

The Acolyte first look image jedi with lightsabers

We’ve seen the Star Wars Disney+ series go for more than one season before; just look at The Mandalorian. And Ahsoka season two is on the way. So it wouldn’t be unusual is Star Wars: The Acolyte were to receive a season two and more. We’ll just have to see what story season one weaves when Star Wars: The Acolyte releases on June 4.