If there was one character that stood out in all of The Acolyte‘s promotional materials, it was the mysterious Sith Lord who hides his face behind a mask. Truly, this enemy of the Jedi is one of the most fearsome creations to ever emerge from a Star Wars property. But although his identity remains shrouded in mystery, Star Wars dark side fans didn’t have to wait long to meet his evil Sith. What did we learn about the menacing evil referred to as “The Master” in The Acolyte‘s first episodes and what has been revealed about him since? Let’s take a look.

The Sith Lord Known as “The Master” Wants Mae to Kill Jedi Without a Weapon in The Acolyte

The Acolyte Star Wars villain Sith Lord

We only saw The Acolyte‘s villainous Sith Lord once in the series’ first two episodes. Mae meets with him on a deserted beach located on an unknown planet. But in her later scenes with Qimir, we learn a bit more about this so-called “Master” and his agenda for Mae.

Mae reveals she has been tasked to kill four Jedi, seemingly by The Master. But from what she shares, the Sith Lord specifically wants her to kill a Jedi without using a weapon. So far, Mae has not been successful in these pursuits. She kills Jedi Master Indara with a knife and Jedi Master Torbin with poison from Qimir. But she notes that she has two Jedi left to kill in order to fulfill The Master’s command.


Qimir also seems to be in some way involved with the masked Sith Lord. When Osha poses as Mae, he believes for a moment Mae has succeeded in her task and notes, “Wait, you killed Torbin without the poison. He will be so pleased.” It remains to be seen how Qimir, who on the face appears more innocent than the rest, is mixed up with the Sith.

The Master and His Speech


When Mae meets with The Acolyte‘s villain at the end of the first episode, the Sith Lord offers the following speech. He intones, “The Jedi live in a dream, a dream they believe everyone shares, if you attack a Jedi with a weapon you will fail, steel or laser are no threat to them, but an Acolyte, an Acolyte kills without a weapon. An Acolyte kills the dream.”

Perhaps this has to do with why The Master is so set that Mae kills a Jedi without a weapon. The Sith Lord’s speech seems to imply that Jedi can only be taken down via emotional attacks/attacks to their spirit. And maybe that’s what The Master hopes Mae will learn to do. But for now, the practical aims of this villain’s mission remain unclear.

The Master Kills Wookiee Jedi Kelnacca


Although the Master wants Mae to kill the Jedi who oversaw the tragedy on her planet, as she begins to shy away from her mission, he intervenes. But for all his talk, he doesn’t seem to kill without a weapon, either. In episode four of The Acolyte, we find the Wookiee Jedi dead in his home with two lightsaber slashes decorating his chest. Outside the hut, our Jedi heroes gather to take Mae in, but they’re interrupted as the Master emerges from the woods of Khofar. The Sith Lord uses the force to fling Osha away and draws his red lightsaber, ready for a fight.

Who Is Star Wars: The Acolyte’s Mysterious Sith Lord?

But just who is Star Wars: The Acolyte‘s mysterious Sith Lord villain? Well, it turns out that the smuggler Qimir is actually the villainous, masked Master on The Acolyte. His identity is revealed in episode five. Qimir says the Jedi might refer to him as a Sith, but we speculate “the Master” might actually be connected to the Knights of Ren instead.

Is this Villainous Sith Lord the Titular Acolyte on The Acolyte, Is Mae, Or Someone Else?

Another natural question around Star Wars: The Acolyte is related to the identity of the titular Acolyte. Of course, the series seems to imply Mae is the Acolyte in question. Qimir reveals that he is looking for an Acolyte, but Mae has disappointed him. It seems he may turn to Osha instead. We’ll have to wait and see who becomes the true Acolyte.

Here Are Other Looks at Star Wars: The Acolyte‘s Sith Lord Villain

The motivations of Star Wars: The Acolyte‘s villainous Sith Lord Qimir will surely unroll over time. And though he’s unmasked now, we still enjoyed the menace of his disguise. Here are some others images of “The Master” that we’ve seen so far.

The Acolyte is now airing on Disney+.

Originally published on June 4, 2024.