At Christmastime some people throw up a few strings of lights on the front of their house and call it a day, while there are those who put a little bit more effort into making their holiday display stand out from the rest of their neighbors. However, there are a select few who go above and beyond any reasonable expectation to create memorable and unique light shows that leave us in awe. Then there’s Matt Johnson, who this year celebrated both Christmas and the release of The Last Jedi by putting together the most insane, most bonkers Star Wars Christmas display we’ve ever seen, because it’s set to an EDM dubstep cover of  “ Imperial March.”

Johnson, who was once a contestant on ABC’s The Great Christmas Light Fight, put together a show this year that they might be able to see in the galaxy far, far away. But what makes it truly remarkable is how it is all synchronized to a version of John Williams‘ iconic Imperial march that sounds like it should be playing at the hottest nightclub on Coruscant.

As much as we love and appreciate the greatest villain of all-time being the “star” on that tree, we’re going to need someone in the downtown San Antonio area at Dignowity Park to dress up like Darth Vader and go down to this house between 6:00 and 10:00 p.m. when the display runs and bust out some dubstep moves, because that’s what we keep picturing when we watch this. And it’s the only way to make it even better than it already is. You still have time to do that too, because the show runs until New Year’s. Which also means every other Star Wars fan has about 11 months to try and come up with a way to top this one, if it’s even possible.

Where does this rank among your favorite Christmas light displays? Tell us in our comments below which one you found most impressive.

Image: Matt Johnson