Star Trek: Picard is finally beaming down its second season this year. But before Jean-Luc and Q trade barbs, a new chapter of Picard is arriving soon. This time, focusing on the characters of Raffi, and the ex-Borg drone Seven of Nine. Via the official Star Trek site, they have announced that spin-off Star Trek: Picard – No Man’s Land is coming soon. This time, as an all-new audio adventure. This is a fully dramatized Star Trek story featuring, Jeri Ryan and Michelle Hurd, recreating their roles from the series.

According to the official description, No Man’s Land begins in the immediate aftermath of the season one finale of Picard. Seven of Nine and Raffi enjoy a little vacation time in Raffi’s remote hideaway. But a plea for help buts a damper on their holiday. A distant planet has enlisted the Fenris Rangers, of which Seven is a member, to save an evacuation effort. Seven and Raffi come together to save a professor who does not age, and whose infinity-shaped talisman has made him a target for a Romulan warlord. Most importantly, Raffi and Seven start to explore their mutual attraction, hinted at during Picard season one.

The promo image for Star Trek: Picard - No Man's Land audio drama.
CBS / Simon & Schuster

Kirsten Beyer, a co-creator, writer, and producer on Star Trek: Picard, and Mike Johnson, a veteran Trek comic book contributor, co-wrote the script for No Man’s Land. Among the extended cast are Fred Tatasciore (Lt. Shaxs on Star Trek: Lower Decks), John Kassir, who famously played the Cryptkeepr on HBO’s Tales from the Crypt, and John Cutmore-Scott. No word on if Patrick Stewart will make any kind of vocal cameo yet. But his name is in the title. He should show up somewhere, right?

The original audio drama Star Trek: Picard: No Man’s Land arrives February 22. Fans can pre-order their copy from Audible now.