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Spoopy Pokémon To Give You Nightmares

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Let’s face it. The internet loves Pokémon. But what does it love more? Taking Pokémon and re-envisioning them in a myriad of fantastical and/or horrifying ways. In a world where ghosts are very much alive and are able to Spite, Hex, and Curse you, would it really be out of place to see creatures like these? Maybe you’re just seeing things this way because someone used Nightmare. But then again, maybe not. So, in the spirit of holiday, I’m excited to show you my favorite cute, creepy, or just F’d up Pokémon interpretations from across the web to help give you a frightful Halloween.

Let us know what your favorite freaky pocket monster is in the comments below, and what other round ups you’d like to see in the future!

Featured Image by Jord-UK

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