In a shocking move, Sony Pictures has announced that it has acquired Alamo Drafthouse Cinema. Yes, Sony Pictures Experiences will now manage Alamo Drafthouse movie theaters. Sony pledges that it will “preserve Alamo Drafthouse’s distinctive movie-dining experience.” But fans of the very specific energy Alamo Drafthouse brings to the table are understandably nervous about this big change.

Sony acquires and buys Alamo Drafthouse movie theaters
Bryce Bernier

Of course, the immediate question that comes to mind at this news is whether Alamo Drafthouse movie theaters will now play only Sony content. But don’t worry, Drafthouse fans, that will not be the case.  Ravi Ahuja, President and COO of Sony Pictures Entertainment notes of Alamo Drafthouse’s future under Sony, “We look forward to building upon the innovations that have made Alamo Drafthouse successful and will, of course, continue to welcome content from all studios and distributors.” Of course, we’ll have to wait and see how other studios react to the Alamo Drafthouse’s new ownership in response.

A release shares more about Sony’s acquisition of Alamo Drafthouse Cinema:

Alamo Drafthouse’s Michael Kustermann will remain CEO of the pioneering dine-in movie theater chain and head Sony Pictures Experiences, reporting to Ravi Ahuja, President and COO of SPE. Alamo Drafthouse will continue to operate all 35 of its cinemas across 25 metro areas under the Alamo Drafthouse brand. Alamo Drafthouse-owned Fantastic Fest, the world-renowned genre film festival, is included in the acquisition and will also continue to be operated by Alamo Drafthouse. The company’s headquarters will remain in Austin, Texas.

Alamo Drafthouse

Sony’s Ahuja further notes about the Alamo Drafthouse acquisition, “We believe strongly in engaging entertainment fans outside the home in fun and distinctive ways as seen most recently with our Wheel of Fortune LIVE! traveling tour, and the opening of Wonderverse in Chicago… Alamo Drafthouse’s differentiated movie-going experience, admired brand and devoted community fit well with this vision.”

All told, we just want to know our giant milkshakes are safe. Hopefully, Sony will do what they pledge and retain the unique movie-going experience of the Alamo Drafthouse. We’ll have to wait and see how this one plays out.