There might be no greater friendship in the galaxy far, far away than that of Han and Chewbacca, and in Solo: A Star Wars Story we got to see how they first met. To celebrate the movie’s digital and home release, Lucasfilm has shared concept art from the film that shows how the story of their relationship’s origins went from idea to a reality; it features some of the most wild, funniest looks at our favorite fuzzball ever. But they might not be as hilarious as seeing Han and Chewie engage in a very immature snowball fight.

These artist renderings include recognizable aspects from the film, like Han and Chewbacca fleeing the Empire on Mimban, and them sitting in the Millennium Falcon. Though we don’t ever remember Chewie dealing with frizzy fur like he is in this truly amazing drawing.

That really should have been in the movie. It should also be in every movie, not just Star Wars ones.

Other designs don’t have an obvious movie equivalent, like this one of Han trying to pull Chewbacca into the Falcon as snowtroopers fire at him.

And unfortunately we never got to see Chewie have a furball showdown with a small, Ewok-like creature.

And because Donald Glover’s young Lando is always awesome, even this early concept of the character with a different hairstyle is amazing.

There’s also lots of beautiful concept art of the Millennium Falcon both idle and in action, many of which would make for incredible posters (hint hint, Lucasfilm).

You can see a lot more of that beautiful hunk of junk in our gallery below.

A new featurette for the film shows how the sound team had to record more animal growls to expand Chewbacca’s vocabulary, which meant having to make a giant grizzly bear angry.

But our favorite bonus clip is this deleted scene where Han and Chewie get into a fight–a snowball and wrestling fight. No, really, they just start behaving like a couple of kids, and the way it ends is absolutely perfect.

That also should have been in the movie.

Solo: A Star Wars Story is available on digital now and comes out on Blu-ray on September 25.

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Images: Lucasfilm