Six Flags intends to bring the scares and screams in an extreme way this year with the biggest Fright Fest in history. Starting in September, you can experience “Fright Fest Extreme” and join the world’s largest regional theme park company as it celebrates Halloween in style. The biggest horror franchises ever are converging upon Six Flags, and they’re taking the shape of new haunts inspired by everything from Stranger Things to Saw. Let’s dive into everything you can experience at Six Flags Fright Fest Extreme.

Stranger Things, Trick 'r Treat, and Saw are coming to Six Flags Fright Fest Extreme
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What Extremely Eerie Attractions Can You Expect at Six Flags’ Fright Fest Extreme?

But what exactly can you look forward to at Six Flags’ Fright Fest Extreme? The theme park has revealed some more details about its diabolical fun. From an experience putting you in the middle of a Jigsaw trap from Saw to an undead battle celebrating Army of the Dead to a twisted “candy trail nightmare” in honor of the legendary Trick ‘r Treat, and more, here are the horror-inspired mazes that Six Flags has in store for Fright Fest:

  • The SAW Franchise – Celebrate the 20th anniversary of SAW with an all-new experience honoring the franchise’s legacy of terror by plunging guests into the depths of Jigsaw’s twisted mind. Guests will endure torturous trials and come face to face with some of John Kramer’s most diabolical contraptions before time runs out.
  • The Conjuring UniverseStrap in for a tour of the Warrens’ most hair-raising and gruesome cases including those that inspired The Conjuring, Annabelle and The Nun. In each realm, encounters with cursed artifacts make you the target of the conjuring.
  • Stranger ThingsThe students of the Hawkins School District decide to team up to create a little innocent Halloween fun for their community – but things quickly flip upside down and morph into something far darker.
  • Army of the DeadThe City of Las Vegas is under lockdown following a recent viral outbreakand survivors must look for an escape while battling the undead.
  • Trick ‘r TreatEnter a dark and twisted candy trail nightmare on a jack-o-lantern-lit path of supernatural encounters which tap into your deepest fears. With Sam, the infamous Spirit of Halloween, as your guide, learn the rules of the spooky holiday before entering a world where tricks dominate treats.
  • Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2022)Guests are “cast” as visitors to Harlow on the heels of the influencers set on revitalizing the town – but their arrival leads to a stunning and deadly secret being revealed.
  • DCeased Based on the #1 best-selling comic series, fans enter through the Hall of Justice to find that the DC Universe has succumbed to Darkseid’s Anti-Life Equation! See the Justice League like never before, as they fight to save the Earth or end it themselves. Will you be one of the few to survive these new scares of the DC Universe?

In Which Six Flags Parks Will Fright Fest Take Place?

Six Flags

But where will you be able to enjoy the Fright Fest fun? A release from Six Flags shares:

This year, Fright Fest returns with a vengeance and goes EXTREME. Visitors to Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey and Six Flags Magic Mountain in Los Angeles will step into a world where nightmarish creatures inspired by legendary horror brands come to life with Lionsgate and Twisted Pictures’ SAW franchise, Netflix’s Stranger Things and Army of the Dead, Warner Bros. Discovery’s The Conjuring, Annabelle and The Nun, and Legendary Entertainment’s Trick ‘r Treat. Guests at Six Flags Great Adventure will also be treated to a new experience from Netflix and Legendary Entertainment’s Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2022) while visitors to Six Flags Mexico will have access to a special exclusive maze based on the bestselling comic series from DC Comics.

In addition to the New Jersey, Los Angeles, and Mexico locations, “A mix of the above mazes will also be available at additional Six Flags parks, building upon the legacy of the event’s renowned reputation as the ultimate Halloween destination across the United States and Mexico.” So stay tuned for more information about where Six Flags Fright Fest is heading.

When Is Fright Fest Extreme, and How Can You Experience the Scary Fun?

At Six Flags Magic Mountain in Los Angeles, Fright Fest Extreme will run from September 7 to November 3, the longest Fright Fest ever with 32 nights of fright. A release notes that Fright Fest Extreme will operate on selected Thursdays through Sundays.

In New Jersey’s Six Flags Great Adventure, Fright Fest Extreme will also run for 32 terrifying nights from September 7 to November 3, but this time it will run on select Wednesdays through Sundays.

Anyone visiting other parks should check Fright Fest Extreme schedule and offerings on

Additionally, tickets for Fright Fest Extreme are now on sale. According to a release they will be available for the lowest price of the season in June.

Those planning to visit Six Flags Magic Mountain or Great Adventure should note that the Fright Fest Extreme admission options in Los Angeles and New Jersey include:

  • Single Day Admission – A separate admission event ticket will be required for Fright Fest Extreme admission with access to all haunted attractions, rides and entertainment. Guests can purchase an express upgrade for priority entry to all haunted houses.
  • Pass Holder Admission – Fright Fest Extreme park admission will be included for all 2024 Gold, Platinum and Diamond Season Pass Holders, Six Plus Members and Legacy Members with a valid Pass. An additional fee for entry to haunted houses will still be required.

We wish you all a happily haunted time.

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