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#ShowUsYourDice Movement

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We know that you love watching Critical Role and Titansgrave, and that gave us a bit of inspiration when it came to this community challenge.

We asked you to send in photos of your very own dice collections over on our Twitter and Instagram accounts under the hashtag ShowUsYourDice. Over 100 submissions flooded our inbox! That is madness–thank you guys for being so awesome. We loved sifting through all of your dice pictures, and were quite impressed with everyone’s diverse collections and public display of affection for their dice. Such beauty, much wow. Enough said.

Getting an inside look at someone’s dice collection is like viewing a part of that person’s personality. Everyone’s dice are personalized to their individual tastes. Seeing as dice are tools for adventure and success within the realm of role play gaming, it’s important to be proud of your dice collections. Fortunately, that’s exactly the kind of thing that we saw from all of you with #ShowUsYourDice!

Through everyone’s submissions, we learned that our viewers are truly just as diverse as their dice collections–some collections are colorful, some are creative, but all of them are simply amazing. It doesn’t matter which colors of dice you own, how many you have, or where they’re stored, because dice aren’t just a movement. They’re the way you roll.

Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @geekandsundry for more opportunities to show off your geeky side! And don’t forget to check in with Geek & Sundry for more episodes of Titansgrave and Critical Role every week. Hopefully, you’ll check out some of the dice here to get an idea on how to expand on your own collection.

Featured Image Credit: @imjustkaren

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