Say it ain’t so. There are rarely characters more beloved than the loyal pups who live in our fictional properties. And The Walking Dead‘s Dog is no exception. But sadly, Seven, who played Daryl Dixon’s puppy companion, has now died. We’ll all miss this Dog and his best dog ways very much.

Seven has a lot to be proud of, though. Before his passing, this dog played Daryl’s Dog for many episodes of The Walking Dead, 25 to be exact. Dog even made it to the series finale— which can’t be said of all the characters. That’s one tenacious creature.

Norman Reedus, who plays Daryl Dixon on The Walking Dead and its spinoffs, memorialized Seven and Dog in an Instagram post about the canine’s passing. “Will miss u buddy,” The Walking Dead star shared simply in a comment about Seven the dog’s death.

Seven The Walking Dead Dog has passed away, the dog has sadly died
Norman Reedus

And he’s not alone. Although Seven has passed on, he will not be forgotten. The Walking Dead‘s Dog will always be in our hearts, it takes more than death to keep a good dog down. We will be sure to watch Dog’s best hits in celebration of Seven’s many incredible performances.