Are you ready for the Jane Austen RPG you didn’t know you needed? Because 9th Level Games is delivering mashup magic with Sentai & Sensibility. Think of it like regency romance meets Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. Or, as the game makers put it, Bridgerton meets Kaiju. It’s a beautiful combination on paper, isn’t it? The mashup, which we first saw at Dicebreaker, looks intriguing beyond paper too, as you can see in 9th Level Games’ successful Kickstarter campaign. Take a look at this art of Mx. Cedar Abode, the Golden Ranger.

An illustration of the Golden Ranger firing an arrow from Sentai & Sensibility, a Jane Austen RPG
9th Level Games

That art is only a sampling of what Sentai & Sensibility has to offer. You will play a member of the Regency elite with the usual bustling social calendar that comes with the position. Everything is business as usual until a Kaiju appears and threatens everything. Then you and your Sentai of Rangers transform into a unit of suited heroes, a la Power Rangers. You will work to defend your precious society from a sneaky organization called the Syndicate.

Excuse me whilst I execute a dramatic Regency faint to express how much I adore this concept.

Each player creates a Sentai Warrior and a type of role: the Premier, the Ronin, the Hussar, or the Dragoon. The type of hero will dictate which die the player will roll, as well as other strengths. Get all the details you need from the Kickstarter page. You still have a handful of days to back the campaign and claim an early spot in the Sentai & Sensibility fandom. Levels include PDF version, physical books, and a deck of companion cards.