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See What It Would Be Like If The Revenant Was The Oregon Trail Game

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Many children of the 90s have an irrational fear of dying of dysentery thanks to one “educational” game thrust upon them as a way to “learn” “history”. Actually, I’m not sure what the point of The Oregon Trail game was, but instead of teaching me about rationing and leadership, I learned about the possibilities of death by drowning or cholera. I was a dark kid. Ok, so maybe it wasn’t all death and gore, but after seeing The Revenant starring Leonardo DiCaprio, I’m certainly not jumping into a time machine to live in frontier times. Brilliantly, Vulture remixed The Oregon Trail and The Revenant to create a live-action trailer for the game. Watch as Leo dodges pixelated wagon wheels, dead bison, arrows, and axes. Plus he eats a raw fish and tries to build a fire. Hey, I’m starting to think The Oregon Trail was the inspiration for The Revenant.

Check out the video below as you sit in your comfy office or on your couch, imagining what life was like for these poor people. Then, go play The Oregon Trail so you’re even more empathetic. I just hope you don’t die of dysentery on Day 1.

What would you die of on the frontier? Let us know in the comments!

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Featured Image Credit: Vulture / YouTube

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