SEE HOW THEY RUN Trailer Teases a Silly Murder Mystery

Who doesn’t love a good whodunit. It’s a beloved subgenre since the dawn of the murder mystery genre back in the mid-19th century. Fans clamor at the opportunity to put together clues, look out for read herrings, and solve a crime. From novels to movies to a good limited series, whodunits are always in demand. Most recently, we’ve inhaled Knives Out, with a sequel on the way, and The Afterparty. The next addition is the ’50s-set See How They Run, starring Saoirse Ronan and Sam Rockwell as a pair of detectives solving a murder in London’s West End. And the See How They Run trailer promises a whole lot of goofy good fun.

In Rockwell and Ronan, the film pairs the classic jaded veteran detective with a quippy, excitable rookie partner. The two are called on the case after film director Leo Köpernick (Adrien Brody), set to helm an adaptation of a West End show, is murdered. And it certainly sounds like all involved in the production have a motive. Yep, this means a whole lot of show biz energy. Toss in a potential serial killer, and some high drama is afoot!

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Here’s the synopsis for See How They Run:

In the West End of 1950s London, plans for a movie version of a smash-hit play come to an abrupt halt after a pivotal member of the crew is murdered. When world-weary Inspector Stoppard (Sam Rockwell) and eager rookie Constable Stalker (Saoirse Ronan) take on the case, the two find themselves thrown into a puzzling whodunit within the glamorously sordid theater underground, investigating the mysterious homicide at their own peril.
Searchlight Pictures

The film’s star-studded cast also includes David Oyelowo, Ruth Wilson, Harris Dickinson, Shirley Henderson, Sian Clifford, Jacob Fortune-Lloyd, Reece Shearsmith, Charlie Cooper. Tom George directs the murder mystery, with a script from Mark Chappell.

See How They Run debuts in September 2022.

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