When I decorated my current home office, the first dedicated office space I’d had in years, I did so knowing how much time I’d spend in it. I made the space warm with a palette inspired by the earthy tones of Dagobah. Then I acquired shelves to hold my many, many books. I found the right desk and added décor that brings me joy. But one element was never quite right: my desk chair. I wanted something that fit the room’s aesthetic while also being supportive of the body I contort in unhealthy ways while I work and write. I went through two chairs that didn’t leave an impression until Secretlab sent me a TITAN Evo to try.

A Secretlab TITAN Evo gaming chair with a blue Ahsoka Tano SKINS cover sitting in front of a desk and bookshelf with a tabby cat sitting in it

I hadn’t considered gaming chairs when I looked for the right addition to my office because when I play games, it’s usually while curled on my couch holding my Nintendo Switch Lite. Being so literal about a chair’s purpose was silly. If you’re sitting at a desk for hours on end, you benefit from an adjustable chair that offers support. Gaming chairs are ideal for this. After about a month of solid use, I can’t claim the TITAN Evo has cured my terrible posture, but I can say my bones are generally happier after a full day at my computer since I can adjust the chair to accommodate how I sit.

Set up is a process. The chair comes in a massive box, and I had to wait until I had assistance to move it into my office and assemble it. If you’ll be moving it up stairs, prepare yourself. Definitely put it together in the room you plan to leave it in. While it takes a little time to sort everything, it’s relatively straightforward. I recommend taking the time during assembly to understand which levers control the various parts of the chair.


While I wish I could say the TITAN Evo’s ergonomic touches alone were enough to sway me, they were not. It was the most comfortable chair I’d put at my desk by a factor of many, but it was plain. But then I added the Ahsoka Tano SKINS Secretlab also sent. Secretlab has a line of premium chair sleeves that enable you to personalize the Evo and give the chair some zhuzh equal to its comfortable design. Ahsoka is just one of the Star Wars SKINS available. Adding the SKINS sleeve over the chair’s back and seat was simple and quick. It hugs the existing chair structure in every spot, so there aren’t weird gaps or areas without coverage.

The Ahsoka design fits my office vibes perfectly. Having a chair that looks as nice as it feels to sit upon has made my time at my desk more appealing. My cat (also named Ahsoka) agrees. She’s never stolen an office chair from me like this before.