If we’re being totally honest here, every Schitt’s Creek episode is a goofy, heartwarming delight—perfect for these endlessly anxiety-inducing times. But as listing all 80 episodes connotes a more formal rewatch, here’s a smattering of our favorites for those looking for a quick burst of jubilation during this period of sequestration from society.

“Wine and Roses” (Season one, episode six)

What makes this episode so iconic can be summed up with four words: Herb Ertlinger fruit wines. In what resulted in Schitt’s Creek’s first—but certainly not last—viral moment, Moira is hired as the new spokesperson for a local winery. But there are two major issues: the wine is garbage and, for the life of her, Moira cannot pronounce Herb’s last name. The result goes down in fictional television commercial history.

“Allez-Vous” (Season one, episode eight)

Knowing how much of a scam the multi-level marketing industry is doesn’t stop Moira and David from being caught up in Allez-Vous, a skincare MLM run by Moira’s frenemy. The pair decide to sell their product to their new friends in Schitt’s Creek, unaware the market is already fully saturated with the sparkly bronze product. The episode is an early look at how entertaining Moira is when put in front of the local populace.

“Family Dinner” (Season two, episode two)

Feeling a little disconnected as they’ve started to really settle in town, the Roses decide to have a family dinner cooked by Moira—who, as far as we know, is not the Julia Child of daytime soaps. She recruits David to help make what is allegedly her famous enchiladas, which results in a rousing and hilarious discussion over what it means to “fold in the cheese.”

“Moira’s Nudes” (Season two, episode nine)

In the midst of her campaign for town council, old naked photos of Moira are discovered on the internet. Her efforts to get them removed result in a bittersweet little trip down memory lane. And due to a little bit of overextending at Café Tropical, the episode also sees Alexis get her very first job (!!) working for Ted, which marks the beginning of an adorable run of Ted and Alexis as coworkers.

“Murder Mystery” (Season three, episode six)

As the forever underrated Twyla holds her annual murder mystery party, Johnny and the Rosebud Motel crew head to the links to schmooze with some businessmen—leading to one of the most hilarious moments of the season. Most importantly, the episode contains the magical revelation that Alexis never finished high school, a gift that gives for the rest of the season.

“Grad Night” (Season three, episode 13)

I love this journey for them! The season three finale may be one of the most heartwarming episodes on this list. David and Patrick’s first date! Alexis graduates from high school! Ted comes to support Alexis! Every moving part of this episode is so lovely and sweet and happy. It’s simply the best. Speaking of which…

“Open Mic Night” (Season four, episode six)

Patrick decides to throw an open mic night to promote Rose Apothecary, which is very off-brand for David. The whole thing sounds like it’s going to go up in flames until Patrick serenades David with a beautiful cover of Tina Turner’s “The Best,” which may be one of the single best moments on the series.

“Olive Branch” (Season four, episode nine)

You can’t include one instance of “The Best” without the other. During a fight with Patrick, David becomes a little too fond of the former’s apology gifts, which results in David needing to extend an olive branch of his own. Enter Tina Turner once more. David’s lip sync dance isn’t a live serenade in front of an audience but it’s as close as he’s ever going to get and it’s amazing.

“Single’s Week” (Season four, episode 12)

The town’s first annual Single’s Week event is thrown in a lurch when Jocelyn goes into labor and takes Moira with her. But while their parents are otherwise occupied with an impending birth, the Rose kids are feeling the love. It’s an episode so full of love, it was the perfect way to end a game-changing season.

“Housewarming” (Season five, episode 15)

Moira’s maternal instinct—or rather, lack thereof—is one of the series’ many incredible running gags, which is why forcing her and Johnny to spend an episode tending to a bébé is such a delightful bit. While Johnny and Moira are otherwise occupied with an infant, the (thirty-something) youngins of Schitt’s Creek gather for a housewarming party, featuring a very loosened-up Ted.

“The Hospies” (Season five, episode eight)

Yes, the episode itself is great, but if there’s one thing to really remember from this episode it’s the iconic theme to Alexis’ short-lived, critically-reviewed reality TV series. “A Little Bit Alexis” is both the antithesis of Patrick’s cover of “The Best” and its natural successor. Her choreography is unparalleled. Her enthusiasm? Unmatched. It’s an outstanding showing from a character who, of course, had a stint as a reality star.

“Life Is a Cabaret” (Season five, episode 14)

Season five is an all-out incredible run of television and each episode is like a perfect ray of sun. But the season is capped off beautifully with Moira’s (and Jocelyn’s) incredible production of Cabaret, starring Stevie as Sally Bowles and Patrick as the Emcee. Plus, as it sets up the final season, all our favorite characters are feeling the love and embracing their futures.

“Sunrise, Sunset” (Season six, episode 10)

After five seasons as a running gag, Moira’s daytime soap days take center stage as her former Sunrise Bay producer and her frenemy co-star (Saul Rubinek and Victor Garber) visit town with a big offer. Meanwhile, Alexis takes a gander into the Sunrise Bay universe, revisiting the series’ box set and uncovering some major behind-the-scenes scheming. The episode is full of daytime soap nonsense—Vivian Blake’s many untimely demises! Moira’s famous triple slap!—and the proposed reboot is 100 percent something we’d tune into.

“The Bachelor Party” (Season six, episode 11)

Imagine doing an escape room with the Roses. As part of David and Patrick’s bachelor party, Stevie organizes an outing to Galapagos-themed escape room, per the latter’s wishes. It’s as amazing as it sounds. It’s a bittersweet episode to watch, full of the goofy nonsense we love while setting the series up for its final two episodes.

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