The Star Trek franchise is currently flourishing on Paramount+, with shows like Star Trek: Strange New Worlds. But Paramount+ recently canceled one of the very best Treks, the animated Star Trek: Prodigy, after only one season. Even with its second season almost completed. They even unceremoniously pulled the Prodigy season off the streamer in a cost-cutting move, much to the anger of Trek fandom. Well, according to The Hollywood Reporter, those fans are making their voices heard. Via a plane flying a “Save Star Trek: Prodigy” banner near the offices of every major streaming service.

All of this began when Star Trek fans galvanized and gathered 33,000 signatures in a petition on, along with raising money via GoFundMe. From there, loyal Trekkers contracted a plane to fly a “Save Star Trek Prodigy” banner over the Los Angeles offices Amazon, Hulu, and Apple. But most notably, they circled for ten minutes over the Netflix offices on Sunset Blvd. Given that before Paramount+ became the sole home of the franchise, it was found on Netflix for many years. So that streamer makes the most sense to become Star Trek: Prodigy’s new home. Certainly, the crew of the Protostar and Kathryn Janeway (Kate Mulgrew) deserve another shot.

Kathryn Janeway in hologram form with the crew of the Protostar, on the animated Star Trek: Prodigy series.

Co-showrunners Dan and Kevin Hageman took to social media to thank the fans for their support. Fans also joined co-executive producer Aaron Waltke and actress Bonnie Gordon outside Netflix. Truth is, the entire reason we have Star Trek as a franchise today is because of fan efforts. When cancellation loomed for the original Star Trek in its second season in 1968, fans sent thousands of letters to NBC. They guaranteed the series a third season, which gave it enough episodes for syndication. And that’s where Star Trek really took off in pop culture. So these fan efforts are not in vain. In the meantime, fans who want to watch the first season of Prodigy can purchase a Blu-ray of the series, which arrives on September 26.